Storyboarding - Tomorrow's Filmmakers

Storyboarding - Tomorrow's Filmmakers

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Join the Online Christian Film Academy: Sign up for our FREE 1 Hour Filmmaking Webinar: Free Storyboard Template: What is storyboarding? Storyboarding is basically you drawing your movie, in comic form, before you actually film it. You take each different angle, each different frame, each shot, and draw it out. You draw out where people will be, where they will be moving to, where the camera will move to, etc. That way, you basically can watch your entire movie, right in front of you. Now, it sounds really hard and really time consuming, but if you want to be a great director, and you want the shoot to go smoothly… storyboard your movie. Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, they all use storyboards. And many movies that come out, they will have a special feature called “storyboard comparison.” What it means is that you can watch a scene from the movie, with the storyboards right next to it and you can see they follow along perfectly. If you want more video lesson's like this one, please head over to our website. Storyboard Template - On Our Website.

How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene

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The Art of The Storyboard - Sneak Peek by special guest Lyndon Ruddy

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Tomorrows Filmmakers - Types of Shots

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Understanding Green Screen - Tomorrow's Filmmakers

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100 Low Budget Filmmaking Tips | The Film Look

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6-Minute speed course storyboarding with J. Todd Anderson (Coen brothers storyboarder)

Take a 6-minute speed course storyboarding with Coen Brothers' storyboard artist J. Todd Anderson

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Storyboard Animatics

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Storyboarding made easy

Learn about my new workflow for storyboarding! Download storyboarder here:

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Basic Storyboarding in 5 Minutes

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