Invisible + Happier - Gacha Life Music Video Mashup

Invisible + Happier - Gacha Life Music Video Mashup

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Love the way you lie || Guys don't like me || None of my business || GLMV

This is how Becky and Zack met ENJOY!!!! :3

Girls vs Boys Singing Battle | Part 1 | Gacha Life

Part 2 : It's my first ever video!! OwO FINALLY!!!! After a week making this video, I have finally reveal my first ever vi

Let you down |Gacha Life GLMV|

music: nf - let you down 0:15 - 3:46 - NF - Let You Down 0:15 - 3:46 - im to lazy to write discription XD oc (hit

Happier || GLMV || 1,6 K subs special || part 2 of "Anyone but you"

Hey there! Thank you guys for 1,6 K! Its happening so fast i didn't even have time to make 1K special.😅 This is second part of "Anyone but you" since some of

•DNA• gacha life ~music video~ (not bts :P)

It was a lot of fun making this and the edit parts and happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹 UwU

Good Enough. {GLMV}

So- since I heard this song I wanted to do this and well here it is. I may be making an announcement soon on what I’m doing with my channel at this point. In

Prom Queen/Gacha Life/Music Video (Part 2 and 3 are available, In the description!)

Hope you liked please like and subscribe Part 2 and 3! That's all I wan

||• "SAVAGE" •||{original} [Gacha Life MiniMovie]

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, tea

Good Enough [GLMV]

Well.. Now I`m doing Mini movie I hope it will be good..

nothing stopping me now -and -savage

woah woah waohah ttps:// this is creams video 😁

Dont forget me {Gacha Life Mini Movie }

Hewo my Angels THANK YOU FOR 3000 SUBSCRIBERS! IM so happy and i hope you Will like this mini movie bc this took me about 10 days! Sorry about that... After


Cupid~Gacha Life Mini Movie

I hope you liked this! Well...this is a little too early for Valentines Day but whatever. Thank you for watching :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I

Happier ~ Sapphire||GMV||Nightcore|| {Audio and apps do not belong to me}

AUDIO AND APPS DO NOT BELONG TO ME!! Right full owners: • Nightcore - Happier (Female version / Acoustic / Cover) Marshmello ft. Bastille • Gummy bear (Lon

Loyal to me ~ Gacha Life Music Video

Apps used: Gachalife KineMaster Phonto Ibispaint

Boys VS Girls Singing Battle | Gacha Life | Read Desc

Ok so lets be clear, you guys vote on who won in the comment section, but PLEASE don’t vote girls just cause you’re a girl, and don’t vote boys just cause

Loyal to me & Guys don't like me ||GLMV (Gachalife music video) ||Read description

Inspired by Cream Puff Her channel: Yea please go saying I copied Cream puff so yea BTW go follow my i

||I'm a mess & savage||GLMV||Gacha life||Flash WARNING||

i do not own this music its belongs to the rightfull owner