How to fly long range fpv and not lose your investment

How to fly long range fpv and not lose your investment

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I hope this video helps you guys that want to start flying fpv further out! I had a little trouble matching the 2 GoPro audios with the dvr so its a little off with my talking but close enough to the objects I'm talking about. Like always please subscribe. Make sure to check all our products at ~ETHiX Gear~ !!UPDATED GEAR LIST!! GOGGLES Fatshark Dominator HD2 - TBS Triumph Antenna - True rc dual crosshair - Rapid Fire - MINI QUAD GEAR Konasty 6' Cougar Frame - 6" Konasty Motors - Flight Controller - Helio AIO ESC - Battery CNHL 1500 5s Props- Foxeer Predator - TBS Triumph Antenna - TBS Unify Pro 800mW VTx - RADIO Taranis x9d - Radio Stand - TBS Crossfire - TBS Nano Receiver - BAG Think Tank Session - Subscribe to my podcast Contact/Mailing 3380 La Sierra Ave #104-150 Riverside, CA 92503

Long Range FPV GAMECHANGER! - $50 Frsky R9M VS. TBS Crossfire Review

The $50 Frsky R9 Long Range Module is a Gamechanger! Check out the pros and cons of the Frsky R9M Module vs the TBS Crossfire full version. A third of the cost!

Epic Long Range Drone Flights and Tips from Gab707 and Jet

Gab707's flight: Jet's flight: Stingy shirt: Stingy Twitch: http


WE FLEW BEHIND A MOUNTAIN AND INTO THE OCEAN.... Catching up with Trappy from TBS to fly his long range wing the CAIPIRINHA 2 into some of longest flights i hav

DJI F550 Hexacopter crash after flight above the clouds

--- PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW BEFORE POSTING! --- I planned to perform a short GPS controlled high altitude flight, going straight up, and then straight down

FPV Basics | Flite Test

In this episode, Josh and Josh respond to your requests and go over the basics of FPV! More links and details in the writeup:

CHALLENGE: can I fly my drone 8 km to my holiday house and land it on the terrace?

Check my Amazon shop at After my first failed attempt to fly 8 kms and land the Phantom 4 on the terras of my rent

ETHiX Trick Series : basics with Mr Steele | FPV

We fire up the trick series with Mr Steele explaining to you the basics of all tricks, flips, and rolls and how mastering these early on will greatly enhance yo

Best POLICE encounter with DRONE Pilot EVER!

Used Gear: Home-Made 5" Frame FC: Betaflight F3 Running BetaFlight 3.1.5 ESC: LittleBee 30A Running BLHeli 14.85 Multishot Motor: EMax RS2205 2300KV Prop: HQ V

First Person View (FPV) RC JET RIDE (RunCam2 FPV docking station): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST [4K]

First Person View (FPV) RC JET RIDE (RunCam2 FPV docking station): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST [4K] What better model to try out the new RunCam2 FPV docking statio

ZOHD Nano Talon - amazing quality, performance, and long range potential

ZOHD Nano Talon:


World record worlds fastest fpv racing drone that is BNF. FPV racing Drone from Avant quads is INSANE. The Devel 5” goes over 110MPH+ on a 4s battery/lipo. NO

FPV ANTENNA SHOOTOUT | Triumph. Axii. Pagoda. Foxeer. Aomway. HoneyDrop.

Please consider supporting me on Patreon: Which FPV antenna is best? TBS Triumph. Lumenier Axii. FarView Pagoda.

Progress 15 months of Fpv from beginning to present

From kk2 Boards to the naze 32 to the dodo I put this together. Its a ton of fun little clips Ive made over the course of the 15 months Ive been flying fpv from

Parrot DISCO Unlimited Range! 4G LTE + Li-Ion Mod - 25 Mile MAUI to LANAI Manual Flight 😱😍

Enjoy my Parrot DISCO Unlimited Range! 4G LTE + Li-Ion Mod - MAUI to LANAI Flight. Thanks to the Community @ Parts Used: Disco here https://

Drone Flying Tips - FPV Beginner Mistakes

Flying FPV quadcopters is challenging. And racing FPV is even more so. This video points out 7 common mistakes that beginners in FPV flying make and how to avoi

264km FPV record long range flight (132km out and back)

A narrated documentation of my long range fpv record.


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Tips and Techniques for Flying Smoother

Yaw Tricks Video: I just realized that I presented the last move incorrectly. You actually have to move the roll stick to the opposite si

60$ Wolfbox Long Range 1000mW 433MHz UHF Tx & 100mW Rx - From BangGood

Finaly got my hands on WoflBox UHF Long Range 433Mhz system. It has to give 10-40Km range and with good antenna even more. In next video will show how to bind a

165 MPH! 6s quad

6s, bigger motors, higher kv and faster prop is a nice combo for some crazy speeds! build below, Frame: Catalyst MachineWorks Merica Motors; Thor 2407.5 2500k