All Horn Sounds (As of Now)

All Horn Sounds (As of Now)


All Horn Sounds (As of Now) Horns were recorded from 200 feet away and audio was mixed with video. BUY AIR HORNS ON AMAZON! Train Horns, Ship Horns, Better than a Cruise Ship Horn Battle, Steam Horns, Air Horns, Air Whistles Horn Owner/Operator Jim "Hoot" Flynn and Audio Recordings by: Dave Parzych from Power Acoustics, Inc. - Acoustical Consultants Video/Video Editing by: Mark Lee from DAHCKRAM Studios

Top Awesome Heavy Equipment Truck Loading Super Fails & Expert

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6 Next Future Transportation You Must See

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Train Horn Pranks "You Mad Bro" (COPS)


ホーンコレクション ラッパ ヤンキーホーン ホイッスル

私がトラックに乗り始めた頃からコレクション収集している 数々のホーンの一部を御紹介します。 1番目はデルコレ

Insane Loud Car Exhausts !! 🏎 #2

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TIGERTEK / General Electric Motor Test Run

Job# 63598

Disney Dream vs. Magic - Ship Horn Showdown (Plus All of Dream's Horn Songs)

An epic showdown between the ship horns of the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Recorded in a prime location on deck 12 forward

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Modul Hokiedokie Inovation 20 tombol, dapat digunakan di klakson keong atau corong angin. untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi 021-8896-8810/0899-0535

Mega tunnel boring machines mining equipment processing

Hello all my channel fans, welcome back to Mr Robot and here is new video a bout Amazing Machines!!! Underground drilling miner machines in action. -----------

Algosteel gives us a horn salute, and a wave from her captain on the Welland Canal. 9/09/2011

We get a photographer's salute, and the Captain comes out at the rail to give us a friendly wave. We watch as the Algosteel passes us in the Welland Canal at Th

Train Horns: Train Talk Ep. 5

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of train talk! In this episode, you will learn all about train horns! I'll cover most of the basics including how

Ship Horn Truck at TCSP.m4v

We met this man while camping at Traverse City state Park. He had rigged his flat bed pick up truck with all kinds of ship and train horns, all hooked up to a


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Sounding the Sumburgh Foghorn

The annual Foghorn sounding at Sumburgh Lighthouse, Shetland, Scotland. Brian Johnson starts up the 1951Kelvin K-Series Diesel 44hp Engines. The engines power t

PVC Train Horn hints and tips

This is a video showing the beginning of how to make a PVC train horn. We break down the parts needed and go over some things we have learned to build a great h

Corne de Brume / Ship horn - Custom Kockums SuperTyfon

Presentation in English below. Sound at 6.00. Kockums SuperTyfon MKT 150/110, Malmö, Sweden. J'ai terminé mon projet de corne de brume roulante et le résu


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INSTALLING a TRAIN HORN on My CAR fast (Really loud)

Music: Ryan Celcisus sounds track: trapping in Japan heres the link for the train horn price went up to 98