How to Use Your LG Magic Remote – LG USA

How to Use Your LG Magic Remote – LG USA

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The LG Magic Remote is just that—magic. Control everything on your LG Smart TV from your remote and revolutionize your home entertainment. Our video demonstrates the ins and outs of your Magic Remote, including how to use the three different control options. Make quick adjustments to audio, video, and more using your remote, and easily control your connected devices, including your Blu-ray disc player, your sound bar, your home theater system, and more. At LG, we create solutions to make your entertainment more efficient—and more fun. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and find more great how-to videos. In addition, our website brings you all the information you need to get the most out of your LG products.

LG AN-MR650A Magic Remote Unboxing and Review (for LG 49UJ63 49” LED 4K HDR Smart TV)

LG AN-MR650A Magic Remote Unboxing and Review (for LG 49UJ63 49” LED 4K HDR TV)

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