How to Improve Trumpet Range with one lip slur exercise

How to Improve Trumpet Range with one lip slur exercise

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How to Improve Trumpet Range This lip slur exercise has helped me improve my high register on trumpet. I was introduced to this trumpet range exercise by my trumpet professor, Dr. Amy Gilreath-Major, at Illinois State University. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the link to DOWNLOAD THE (updated version*) EXERCISE: *Update 11/17/17 : I extended the exercise to go up to Double G above the staff. Click the link above to get it. ___________________________________________________________________ Connect with me online: YOUTUBE: The Black Trumpeter FACEBOOK: theblacktrumpeter INSTAGRAM: theblacktrumpeter SNAPCHAT: awashsound TWITTER: black_trumpeter

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Trumpet: Lip Slurs

Trumpet: Lip Slurs

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