Trigger Horns™ Magnum 44™ 200psi Long Trumpet Train Horn Kit - TRGK3158

Trigger Horns™ Magnum 44™ 200psi Long Trumpet Train Horn Kit - TRGK3158


Trigger™ Magnum 44™ Long Trumpet Train Horn 200PSI Kit w/ Compressor & Tank: 150PSI Kit w/ Compressor & Tank: Standalone Horn: BLAST through morning traffic with the Magnum 44™! The Magnum 44™ is ideal for any car that needs a little dose of sonic-boom steroids. Slap this baby under the hood or on the roof of your ride and watch the enemy's windshield shatter. Blasting at 12/24V with an output of 115±5dB, rest assured that the Magnum 44™ will deliver! Featuring heavy-duty mounting hardware and detailed instructions, installation is a snap! Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. • High output, heavy duty, chrome plated 200psi compressor • 100% duty cycle • 2 gallon tank • Stainless steel braided leader hose • 20' of airline • All fittings included • Deluxe compressor filter • Fast fill rates • 6 Second blast time • Reinforced diaphragms • Rugged construction • Detailed instructions • Limited lifetime warranty* *Air compressor warranty limited to 3 years TRGK3158 TRGK2158 TRGH158

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