Reasons to Love BTS: Jungkook Version

Reasons to Love BTS: Jungkook Version

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hello yes, here is kookie's version of reasons why you should love him lmao. i just got home from school and am ready to take a phat nap so i'm kinda just typing nonsense. I go on spring break in two days, and i'm so excited!! okay okay, i hope u liked the video! ~links: (soon)

Reasons to Love BTS: J Hope Version

Hello, i had a snow day so i had like a whole extra say to edit, so i took that as advantage to start a new series!! I know some of u wanted a new era vid, but

Jungkook making his hyungs laugh

Not only is Jeon Jungkook the bunny and maknae of bts, but he can also make his hyungs laugh

BTS SUGA being himself :))

BTS SUGA being himself :)) Subscribe Free: *I do not own any of these clips and any of these songs excepted the editing!

My Favourite Jungkook Moments #HappyJungkookDay

And again! Happy Birthday my dear Jeonggukkie~~ It's finally your birthday where I live too, so I thought I'd upload another video! Stop growing musclekook, it

BTS never grew up 😅

Hello :D Here is proof that Bangtan never grew up. And they'll probably never will. I hope so xD Watch this video and see: Hobi annoying Suga, Chimchim attackin

An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version

hello okay so this went up for like less than a minute before getting copy righted and blocked in some places so i deleted it and edited out that part so now ho

BTS Jungkook is still a baby

Heyy, 💜 even if Jungkook turned 20, I think that he is still a little baby. He has almost my age xD The golden maknae with the golden heart might seem someti

BTS 'Silver Spoon (Baepsae)' mirrored Dance Practice - REACTION

Welcome to the V Kings FAM- This is our reaction to BTS Blood Sweat & Tears Dance Practice if you enjoy it please like and subscribe.


hello everyone!! sorry for uploading so late in the day omF. literally tho it’s my own fault lmao, i’ve spent the past few days w my pals, so i didn’t rea

a video to remind u of how goofy yoongi really is

by the time this is uploaded i'll be in france wow! Yeah, okay so i'm in france until the 29th, but ((hopefully)) i'll have another video made so that i'm still

a video of taehyung to make your heart go boom boom

hey, in light of everything that happened with tae, i just wanted to make a video to like hmm idk, show that i love him? idk, there's rlly not much else i can d

bts being the funniest boyband in the world for 10 minutes straight

hey guys oml sorry for uploading so much later than i normally do, i procrastinated a lot this week and had to finish up making this video in art class lmao, oh

The many different sides of Jungkook! -BTS- (Jungkook Appreciation!!)

Here are different types of Jungkook Characteristics/ behavior I will be doing the different sides of all the members of BTS soon! ☽*.:。__________________


BRISxGANG MERCH: PATREON: Check out my reaction to [BTS GAME] GUES

Jeon Jungkook: Truly the golden maknae

Compilation of Jungkook being good at absolutely everything without even trying. No human should be this perfect.

BTS Hyungs Laughing At/Because Of Jungkook

BTS Hyungs Laughing At/Because Of Jungkook ~ Please do not re-upload to your own channels/sites or claim as your own. No copyright infringement intended. The

a video to make you fall in love with Park Jimin

((this was re-uploaded because it was taken down by Naver, so i went back and took out all the clips from V live and now im reuploading it cause i dont want thi

jeon jungkook, the nation's baby boy

hello everyone!! this is my last week of school and just wow im so happy. I've been so stressed these past few days but now my friends are planning a get togeth


hello omg i just finished this video in class and now i'm gonna upload and just ahA ! anyways tho, i just got back from sakura with my friends and i pounDED two