Arizona Border Ranchers Torn in Support for Trump's Wall

Arizona Border Ranchers Torn in Support for Trump's Wall

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Despite enthusiastic backing for President Donald Trump and pleas for a stronger border, Arizona ranchers are conflicted in their support for Trump’s promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Photo/Video: Jake Nicol/The Wall Street Journal Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Follow WSJ on Facebook: Follow WSJ on Google+: Follow WSJ on Twitter: Follow WSJ on Instagram: Follow WSJ on Pinterest: Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Snapchat:

The No Man's Land Beneath the Border Wall

There's a small stretch of soil north of the Rio Grande river that's still part of the United States, but exists below the Mexican border wall. The Atlantic wen

376 illegal immigrants tunnel under border wall in Arizona

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan on the report that 376 illegal immigrants tunneled beneath a section of the border wall in Arizona and why we need President Tr

At US-Mexico border, a tribal nation fights wall that would divide them

The Native American tribe Tohono o’odham in Arizona has a significant stake in the ongoing conflict in Congress about whether to fund President Trump’s $5.7

Contractor explains what it will take to build a border wall

Fisher Sand & Gravel CEO Tommy Fisher provides insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after his company was selected to build a cement prototype for the border wall.

Israel extends its high-tech barriers I FT World

► Visit our brand new YouTube channel, FT Life at: Israel is closing gaps in its controversial West Bank barrier and building high-tec

How residents from El Paso feel about border barriers

Amid the roiling national debate about immigration and a border wall, construction crews in El Paso, Texas, are busy replacing 20 miles of wire mesh fencing wit

How These Arizona Residents Are Making Border Checkpoints Less Invasive (HBO)

The Trump Administration has promised to increase border security, but some residents who live within 100 miles of the border believe patrol agents’ presence

Trump's wall ignites tensions in Arizona: 'This country has been violated' | Anywhere but Washington

As Donald Trump seeks congressional support for his border wall, the Guardian's Paul Lewis meets Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff recently pardone

How Autonomous Car Tech Could Solve Border Security

While the debate over President Donald Trump's proposed wall continues, government money is flowing and tech companies are looking to cash in. Companies like Qu

Trump’s Wall: A symbol of his presidency? - BBC Newsnight

Senior Republicans are resisting spending on the controversial wall when the money - they say - should be spent on disaster relief. The wall was meant to separa

Underreported: How Building a Border Wall Changed San Diego | The Daily Signal

In 1986, the San Diego border patrol sector accounted for approximately one-third of all apprehensions along the U.S. Mexico border. Today, it accounts for only

Trump will get huge win with wall: Border Union president

Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd on the problems associated with building Trump's prosed border wall.

The Wall: Violence on ranchers' land

State of the Union 2019: Donald Trump's full speech Stacey Abrams delivers the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address http:

Rare view of tunnels under border wall

CNN's Ed Lavandera gets a rare look at tunnels underneath the wall along the US-Mexico border.

The Wall - A Nation Divided

CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal travels to the Tohono O'odham reservation, which straddles 75 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. This little-seen corner

We Camped Out On The Border To See What The So-Called Crisis Looks Like (HBO)

In his never-ending push for a border wall, President Trump regularly warns of dangerous criminals pouring into the country, and horrific things happening to mi

Landowners In Texas React To Donald Trump's Border Wall | MSNBC

NBC News correspondent Jacob Rascone talks to Texas ranchers along the U.S.-Mexico border about why they are hesitant to sell their land to build Pres. Trump's

Trump's Border Wall Could Kill Off These Jaguars (HBO)

Trump's proposed border wall along the Southwest border is threatening wildlife in the region - particularly jaguars whose numbers are already dwindling. VICE

Texas residents fed up with surge of illegal immigrants

Following Texas Gov. Rick Perry's authorization to deploy 1,000 National Guardsman to the Mexican border, many residents of the Lone Star state are wondering wh

Democrats may regret standing against Trump’s border wall

Florida Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia and Donald J. Trump Media Advisory Board member Gina Loudon on how Democrats are against funding President Tru