Around 1987, a group of seven (7) people went to clean a church in Kansas City, Kansas to prepare for a Christian revival. As they were cleaning the church, they began to sing Capella (Hallelujah without instruments), and a man came into the church with a small tape recorder and taped their music. He just bought a brand new tape, and he began to tape their singing because it sounded so beautiful. After he recorded it, he played it back and discovered thousands and thousands of angels singing harmoniously with the seven. The angels had instruments, but the seven human people did not. The tape recording of this type is known as an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The sound was so awesome, they had it inspected (analyzed) by scientists at Oral Roberts University, and they concluded the voices were not human and the instruments were not earthly. Hell is a place for those that have no love and/or no heart in their soul. It is a real place as testified by the Bible, prophets and scribes. You must be born again (spiritually) to enter the Kingdom of God. Believe upon Jesus Christ, repent for the remission of sins, and follow His ways. Jesus' Love will guide you into salvation, eternal light, peace and happiness forever and ever. He will give you a new heart and restore your soul. God Bless Those that Hear This Song.

Singing with angels

Elias arguello, from Argentina, sits in a studio with only his guitar and a microphone, and records the following song. English translations added.

Real Angel Choir | Angels singing at Presence 2017 | The Netherlands

After an intense House of Heroes worship moment with the songs Holy, Let it Rain and Our Father, evangelist Ben Fitzgerald appeared on stage and continued to wo

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Ángeles Reales Cantando "El Aleluya" (Paraíso/Heaven)

(Español) Titúlo: Ángeles Reales Cantando "El Aleluya" (Paraíso) IMPORTANTE LEAN Esta grabación de audio empleado en este video pertenece a Urías Rodríg


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Angels heard singing with Mercy's Child.

You can hear a choir of Angels in the second song that starts at about 3 minutes in. They are joining in to sing Hallelujah. That is NOT the people in the churc

Trumpets Are Sounding Around The World (from the sky)

According to the Revelation 8 Prophecy, the 7 trumpets don't sound till after the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called G

7 Signs Someone You Met Is An Angel – How To Recognise An Angel

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Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty .. [Agnus Dei]

such an anointed worship.... feel like falling down in th Spirit..!!yes, Holy Spirit is moving around here....!! wow!!

Angels and The Unknown Caught on Camera: Supernatural Activity

Today with so many cameras in the hands of the public, supernatural activity is now being photographed and recorded more than ever. This video shows angels caug

Ángeles Cantando a Dios, Angels Singing With Elias Argüello

Esta canción se grabó el 25 de Diciembre del 2009 en un estudio profesional, se pudieron grabar muchos sonidos y voces de angeles, nos unimos a la dimensión

Angels recorded on tape Better 2012 Version

A group singing, and it is said the extra angelic choir(including the solo) singing with them in harmony- became audible when they played the recording back; He

I AM. 365 Names of God wmv

Simply hearing this inundating experience in worship evokes acute spiritual and emotional responses that release new levels of power and light. by: John Paul Ja

Angels singing recorded Bethany/Kansas extended

I absolutely loved this and could not get enough of it so I extended the length this way I could listen to it for 15 mins over and over lol. I decided to m

Angels singing in church.wmv

On Sunday morning the 7th of August 2011, something Spectacular and Supernatural happened at Spirit Life Ministries, we had an Angelic Visitation in the form

Guardian Angels Caught on Camera: Proof God’s Messengers are Near

Angels, God’s servants and messengers, sent by God to perform miracles and protect his children. Support Us on Patreon:

Benny Hinn Worship with Lyrics - Atmosphere for Miracles

Compilation of Benny Hinn worship songs from Atmosphere for Miracles

Angel Choir Singing, Part 02 of 02

The download link is below the description. A group of people were cleaning their church singing a Capella, meaning with out instruments, when another person h

Real Angels Singing Caught on Tape

Real Angels Singing Caught on Tape

Angels Singing In The Background Recorded - Testimony By Michael Tyrrell

Michael Tyrrell shares this testimony during worship with Jason Upton. The angel (or angels) is caught on tape. If you listen to the end you will hear the soun