Maduro deports Europeans, thwarts meeting with Guaido

Maduro deports Europeans, thwarts meeting with Guaido

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expelled a European delegation because it appeared they had arrived to conspire with self-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido to lead a US-backed regime change. RT’s Ashlee Banks reports. #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT #QuestionMore Find RT America in your area: Or watch us online: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Venezuela takes its case to UN

It’s an all-out diplomatic and economic war on Venezuela, with new US sanctions leveled on Venezuelan officials this week. But Caracas is fighting back at the

Merkel hammers Trump as Ivanka looks on

While speaking at the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called out the Trump administration over the President's claim that German car

‘Maduro is seeking peaceful solutions’ – Kevin Zeese

Attorney and author Kevin Zeese joins News.Views.Hughes to argue that calls for regime-change in Venezuela constitute a US push to seize Venezuelans’ natural

Guaido: 'I'm ready to die for my country's future’ | Euronews Tonight

#EuronewsTonight | “Nicolas Maduro’s days are numbered”. Euronews’ Anelise Borges details her interview with Venezuela’s Juan Guaido, adding that Gu

President Trump Delivers Speech On Venezuela

President Donald Trump delivered a speech this Presidents’ Day from Florida International University, where he addressed the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.

Trump: Nicolas Maduro is a Cuban puppet

President Trump discusses the crisis in Venezuela and the dangers of socialism. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time in

Putin is asked: Is it time for President Maduro of Venezuela to go?

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China to build first power station in space by 2025

Following their recent historic trip to the dark side of the moon, China prepares to build a solar power station in space. They hope to have one in the stratosp

🇻🇪 Venezuela: 65 countries support Guaido, while UN backs Maduro l Al Jazeera English

The Venezuelan opposition's envoy to the United States is trying to shore up international support to help bring aid into his country. But the United Nations, w

Max Blumenthal: How US trained Juan Guaido for Regime Change

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal joins Rick Sanchez to offer his analysis of Venezuela’s political crisis. He says Juan Guaido’s “real constituency is

Maduro: Trump has ‘no right’ to joke about military action in Venezuela

After President Trump spoke about the dire situation in Venezuela at the UN General Assembly, how would that President Nicolas Maduro respond to Trump? Maduro t

Analysis: Venezuelan President Maduro starts second term in office | DW News

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is being inaugurated for a second term of office today, shrugging off international criticism that his re-election last yea

Italy vetoes EU recognition of Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader - M5S source

READ MORE: A range of European nations separately recognized the opposition chief: - UK - France - Sweden - Spain - Austria RT LIVE h

Maduro closes border as opposition prepares for showdown over aid

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the country's border with Brazil closed. It comes ahead of a weekend showdown over humanitarian aid, as a carava

Trump Urges Venezuelan Military to Ditch Maduro

In a speech to Venezuelan and Cuban Americans in Miami, U.S. President Donald Trump warned the Venezuelan military to stop helping President Nicolas Maduro stay

Venezuela's Guaido Wants China to See Maduro Is Bad for Business

Feb.04 -- Juan Guaido, Venezuela's National Assembly Leader, is calling for a transparent relationship with China, a key investor in the South American nation.

Recession looms as subprime borrowers default loans

A record 7 million Americans have stopped making car loan payments. Rick Sanchez reports on this supreme example of the continuing plight of American working pe

Despite US pressure, Maduro still controls levers of power in Venezuela

The army, police and courts have remained loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro; Steve Harrigan reports from Caracas.

China to US: You’re lying about Huawei

Michele Greenstein reports for the News with Rick Sanchez on Washington’s continuing efforts to isolate and undermine Chinese telecomm giant Huawei. China ins

50 countries join Venezuela support group to back Maduro

Some 50 UN member states have formed a group to show support for Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in his showdown with the US. Russia and China joined Cub