Jeon Jungkook: Truly the golden maknae

Jeon Jungkook: Truly the golden maknae

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Compilation of Jungkook being good at absolutely everything without even trying. No human should be this perfect.

Jungkook is and always will be bangtan’s baby boy

Bts are so weak and whipped for Jungkook. They love and take care of him so well and it makes me really emotional. He must be the most loved maknae on earth.

Jungkook the golden maknae❤️ [reasons why he is called ”the golden maknae"]

Hi:) this is my first video so i hope you like it. If your video is in here, just tell me and i will give you credit, or even take the video down. Contact me:

9 minutes of bts dragging people

Compilation of bts members dragging people/each other because they do it so well and it's hilarious.

BTS Jungkook Speaking and Singing in English Compilation

BTS Jungkook speaking and singing in English Compilation Last song is Second Grade by BTS :) I do not own any of the clips. Clips are from American Hustle Life

bighit staff are no match for chaotic jin

Jin doesn't work for bighit, bighit works for him. One of my absolute favourite things about Jin is that he won't let the agency control him. He's amazing.

Jungkook`s brain —⟩ 아이

☼☼☼ srslly, what happen in his brain(? ok so, I had never done this before, so sorry if is not "that" funny but in fact, I had searched "Jungkook´s bra

BTS Testing Jungkook's Patience - Watch this on a bad day to make yourself laugh [방탄소년단/防弾少年团]

#BTS #JUNGKOOK #WatchThisOnABadDay When BTS Hyungs the golden maknae's, jungkook's patience :D --------------------------------- Please Subscirbe button &


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Everybody goes crazy for Jungkook 😱

Everybody goes crazy for Jungkook 😱 Hellooo, Whose bias is Jungkook? Today I prepared a video for those liking Jungkook. Each BTS member is amazing but l

yoongi vs jin's silliness

The funniest duo.

BTS fan chat at SBS PopAsia HQ

BTS hung out at SBS PopAsia HQ to answer your fan questions!!! Did your question get picked by the boys? ▶Check out SBS PopAsia for the latest in Asian pop

JUNGKOOK (정국/ジョングク BTS) - The man every girl wants

JUNGKOOK (정국/ジョングク BTS) - The man every girl wants Subscribe Free: Credit: Big Hit Ent., BANGTAN TV I do no

Muscle Kook, is he really a Maknae? #GOLDENMAKNAE

MAKNAE ON TOP! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Even tho Jungkook's really like to tease his hyung but we knows that he respect and love them so much. That's why his solo son

BTS Evil Maknae VS. Poor Hyungs | Jungkook Bangtan Boys

Hiii, sometimes the little brothers might be challenging. I know it from my personal experience…but fortunately I am the little brother. xD In this video you

How Jin Raise Jungkook

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BTS Hyungs Laughing At/Because Of Jungkook

BTS Hyungs Laughing At/Because Of Jungkook ~ Please do not re-upload to your own channels/sites or claim as your own. No copyright infringement intended. The

jungkook being a total crackhead for almost 7 minutes

hi lovelies! i don't really have much to say other than hi and i luv y'all instagram: @happikpop twitter: @happikpop I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE VIDEOS CRE

How BTS treats Jungkook | Bangtan Boys

Hellooo, how are you today? This video is about the way the bangtan boys treat Jungkook. He is the youngest member and sometimes might be really spoiled by his

🔥 Jungkook's got attitude & he knows it 🔥

Hello :D here are a few moments of Jungkook being Jungkook (and by that I mean 'cool'). He's the golden maknae, he makes fun of his hyungs, when he's in a good


hyungs vs maknaes? we all know who will win eng sub cred: mks (5:20-6:06) subscribe to my back-up channel: