Film Blocking Tutorial — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep3

Film Blocking Tutorial — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep3

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In today's video, we'll cover key film blocking techniques that master directors use to create memorable scenes. Grab the FREE film blocking worksheet to stage scenes better: We’ll learn about directing actors and the basics of film blocking. Does the idea of watching two people having a conversation sound exciting? Probably not. You probably wouldn’t pay money to see that. And yet you do every time you go to the movies. How have so many filmmakers managed to make those conversations exciting? Well, one big way is with film blocking. Film blocking is the “precise staging of actors in a performance”. In terms of cinema, it’s where you place your actors in the frame. It’s more than who stands where. Film blocking conveys the mood and tone you convey with what happens in the frame. We’ll use film blocking and mis-en-scene to bolster your knowledge so you can take everything you learn on set. We’ll incorporate Film Theory, Film Criticism, and practical reasoning to show you how to get the most out of your efforts. In this video you’ll learn about Space, Shapes, and Lines in film blocking. By considering these components, you’ll be able to block a scene between any subjects in a visually dynamic way that is loaded with subtext. So start watching and learn more about film blocking today! --- The films in our video: Baby Driver Inglourious Basterds O Brother, Where Art Thou? We're the Millers Manhattan Get Out Whiplash The Wolf of Wall Street Fight Club The Social network The Neon demon Birdman La la land Citizen Kane Ex Machina The Wolf of Wall Street The Grand Budapest Hotel Sin City Oblivion 2001 - Space Oddesy Kill Bill The Grand Budapest Hotel Guardians of the Galaxy Sin City Godfather Part 2 Seven American Psycho Drive Enemy Inglourious Basterds The music:: "Aspire" by Pryces: "The Seventh One" by Kevin Graham: --- SUBSCRIBE to StudioBinder’s YouTube channel! ►► Looking for an awesome tool to manage your productions? StudioBinder is a powerful and intuitive project management solution for video creatives; create shooting schedules, breakdowns, production calendars, shot lists, storyboards, call sheets and more. Give StudioBinder a try today and see the difference: ––– Join us on Social Media! ––– Instagram ►► Facebook ►► Twitter ►► Pinterest ►► LinkedIn ►►

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