Fishing for grayling of large sizes Grayling Grayling Carp Pike Taiga Survival

Fishing for grayling of large sizes Grayling Grayling Carp Pike Taiga Survival


Fishing for grayling of large sizes Grayling Grayling Carp Pike Taiga Survival Fully video of this fishing, see the video at Grayling (Latin Thymallus) is a genus of fish of the subfamily of the grayling family of salmon salmon. A characteristic feature is the large dorsal fin, the posterior part of which in mature males when folded reaches the fat, and sometimes the base of the caudal fins. Content 1 Appearance 2 Lifestyle & Nutrition 3 Fishing grayling 4 Species and sub-species 5 Notes 6 External links Appearance [edit] Edit wiki-text] According to LP Sabaneyev, grayling has one of the most beautiful colors among the fishes of the water bodies of the Holarctic. The fish has a monotonous dark gray back, on the sides of the body of some species are scattered black specks of various shapes. Siberian, Baikal, Amur, Lower Amur and yellow-spotted grayling over the pelvic fins have a relatively large reddish spot. On the pelvic fins there are oblique red-brown strips, which are violet in color. Caudal and anal fins of adult fish are red-burgundy. Posterior portion of dorsal fin of males. In females this part of the fin is smaller or of the same height. There are several horizontal rows of spots of reddish color, from rounded to long in the form of vertical strips of turquoise or violet shades. The largest specimens (up to 5-6 kg) are found in the Mongolian and European grayling. In the alpine lakes of Siberia, dwarfish forms are also known which, throughout their entire life, retain the fry color in the form of dark transverse bands along the sides of the body. Lifestyle and nutrition Grayling lives in rivers of mountain type with clean and cold water, as well as oligotrophic lakes, at altitudes up to 2000-2300 m above sea level. The food is provided by zoobenthos: larvae of caddis flies, springweeds, chicks, chironomids, their adults, and in the warm season various aerial insects. Some species of grayling can eat other fish, and especially large individuals even small rodents. Catching grayling Grayling is preferably caught on a fly, on a float tackle with bait (usually a worm). Also caught spinning on a spinner. trout

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