Comparison: Schilke, Bach & Kanstul Bb Trumpets, Part 1 of 2

Comparison: Schilke, Bach & Kanstul Bb Trumpets, Part 1 of 2

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A fun time comparing a Schilke S42, a Bach Strad 37 and an F Besson Meha by Kanstul. Interestingly, the Schilke is a medium bore horn (.450") the Strad is a ML bore (.459") and the Meha is a large bore (.470"). 3 great pro horns; all quite different. My thoughts on the three? The Schikle S42 was easiest to 'color' tonally by mouthpiece adjustment, a very easy upper register and nice firm slots (a bit hard to for me to lip trill though). The Strad had a fine, clear, enviable, 'orchestral' tone. Kanstul's French Besson is the easiest for lip trills and to 'dip' notes - a fun solo horn. All very fine horns and a privilege to have all three for this vid. My batteries failed me toward the end; there is a part II where I play the upper register and the lower register specifically with these three horns and both mouthpieces (see below). The French Besson Meha by Kanstul was shorted a bit of playing time here; you can see more of that horn on its own vid. For the lighter passage, I'm bebopping around on a Marcinkiewicz Shew 1.5 mouthpiece. It's a pretty small piece that I really love; quick response and an easy upper register. It's close to a Shew 1.75 which is a bit deeper and more mainstream. For screeching, the Shew 1 is great, and the 1.25 is a blend between a piece specifically for the upper register and a bit of mainstream playing as well. I really like the Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces. Deeper yet and with a very similar rim and feel are the Marcinkiewicz 5 - 9 mouthpieces; with deeper cups one has about 9 pieces that vary significantly in effect but little in rim change or feel. For the lower passages and a mellower sound I'm using a great mouthpiece put out by Trent Austin at Austin Custom Brass; it's the TA-TF (stands for Trent Austin - Trumpet Flugel). A super piece, it's very deep but not too large a throat, so it can easily go above the staff as well as way down low. This mouthpiece by Trent is a real treat to play.

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