The Compassionate Beast. (2017⚪️ 🔴 🔵) A MUST SEE VIDEO FOR ANIMAL LOVERS!

The Compassionate Beast. (2017⚪️ 🔴 🔵) A MUST SEE VIDEO FOR ANIMAL LOVERS!

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⚪️ 🔴 🔵This is a touching warm and fuzzy video clip Compilation of Animals defending other species, or showing Compassion to Animals of other Species. Often species they see as prey, are filmed during wonderful moments where they seem to enjoy, care for and identify with another species. In some cases you’ll see that they even come to the aid of or protect the lives of other types of animals. This is a great warm and fuzzy video, especially for animal lovers. The Great Music and tender video clips will surely make you smile and warm your heart as you see these beasts in the light of them seeming to show compassion and have a tender awareness. GOD Bless. Music By Bensound, • Link :- To See full videos of Partial clips seen here: go to or Google Clip of Interest. Bird Defending Cat : —————————— Brave Chihuahua protects Kittens ———— Dog protects Squirrel on head from Cat: —— Thank you, I'm currently working on a video series which will expose and verify Google shadow banning videos. I perceive and believe in the imminence of Google being seized under Eminent domain, perhaps under marshal law circumstances and going to U.S militarily or Government control. If Google wasn't anti-Trump shadow banning my channel content, which has about 23,000 subscribers(Should have over a million by now) This new video just has 42 views in 4 days, but if it was treated fairly, many of my videos would likely have gone viral. Google should get a multi-trillion dollar Antitrust class action lawsuit and judgement against them, that when factually exposed, the judgement should easily and swiftly be upheld against all challenge! Google deceptively partners, causing it's Adsense partners to invest untold time,effort, and talent for many years working part or full time for GOOGLE in a fake and politically biased partnership, investing effort and talent into creating product and content for their invisible partners of straw. Many have likely lost their lives, spouses and untold other riches, and treasures, and even blood and flesh in accidents and other misfortunes while pursuing Youtube and Google content and pipe dreams, never knowing that they were mere hens being guarded by sAtanic wolves. These World running Genocidal sAtanic meter maids of hell are against non nEphilim humans by birth right. We are the deceived human class, who are largely naive to the truth and are not blue blood and "in the Know" and then verified down to the nEphilim queens and kings family tree! So we, the heirs of Earth, trust that they, the Evil, the deceived and the nEphilims, including the Google snakes are soon destined to be torn out of God's green Earth and tossed into Sheol. The antitrust class action suite should be filed on behalf of those betrayed by Google and YOUTUBE, those deceived are many, foremost are the advertisers and content creators that are being charged to place their expensive state of the art commercials and ads on ghost channels like mine, ETERNALBLACKPROJECT is a creative common channel, which,, BTW, was recently rated in December of 2018 on Social blade at about #7,533rd most influential in the world, and the world statistically has 4.1 billion active Internet users, also as of December 2018. So Google partners with me and then sells commercials, it then has Adsense strategize and place ads in commission onto my channel, and countless other shadow banned ghost channels, effectively duping Adsense and Social Blade rankings as well! They deceive everyone like the secret society genocidally driven snakes that they are, causing billions in lost revenue, likely on a daily basis. This effectively losing the creators of those videos and masses of others working in these orbits blindly trusting in GOOGLE. My videos are not promoted by Google as contracted and they only get the name minimum of views daily mostly off of end screen traffic and certain other web hosting sites that have featured a few of my non political videos. Google is doomed, it is Prophecy, It is written!

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