How to build a giant air horn (150db!)

How to build a giant air horn (150db!)


parts: truck air horn co2 fire extinguisher (empty) threaded Schroeder valve Music:Desmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release] Desmeon • • • •

Ship Horn Truck at TCSP.m4v

We met this man while camping at Traverse City state Park. He had rigged his flat bed pick up truck with all kinds of ship and train horns, all hooked up to a

What Train Horn is the Loudest?

In today's video we go all out with thousands of dollars of test equipment and test over 20+ horns from different manufacturers to see if their claims hold up t

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DIY Air Compressor

Fire Extinguisher MTB Tubeless Inflator

CONVERT your CAR into a FERRARI with this Invention

Hello friends in this DIY tutorial you will know how to make this new and amazing invention to your car. This makes your car sound more exhaust like a Ferrari o

100W Vehicle Bull Horn Loud Speaker and Siren System - 6 Sounds

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Finished PVC K5LA train horns

Once again, thanks Mr. Meade for the help during this project. Go check out Dozerboymiller's decibel test of the PVC vs. real K5LLA horns.

Sounding the Sumburgh Foghorn

The annual Foghorn sounding at Sumburgh Lighthouse, Shetland, Scotland. Brian Johnson starts up the 1951Kelvin K-Series Diesel 44hp Engines. The engines power t

Loudest Homemade motor bike

I put Nathan K3ha train horns on my homemade motorized bike.

Build 12Volt Compressed Air Tank using Old Fire Extinguisher

How to Build a 12Volt Compressed Air Tank using Old Fire Extinguisher at home Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

How To Install Kleinn Bolt-On Train Horn Kit on a 2010 Silverado

This is a video showing how to install the new Kleinn Automotive Air Horns GMTRK1 bolt-on train horn kit. More information can be found at: www.f

Pakistani pressure horn

Very loud air pressure horn

60w 5-tone Siren / PA system 12v 300dB (not) for only $13,81 include shipping!

If you want one, you can order them here:

What's inside an Air Raid Siren?

How does an air raid siren make such a loud noise without electricity? Make sure to watch Mark's video of the World's Largest Air Horn!:

All Horn Sounds (As of Now)

All Horn Sounds (As of Now) Horns were recorded from 200 feet away and audio was mixed with video. BUY AIR HORNS ON AMAZON! Train Horn

How To Make A Fog Horn - Easy PVC Design

How to make a simple Air Horn. These horns are LOUD! They can be scaled up as I show in the video, but be aware that the bigger you make them the more air they

Dixie Horn Wake Up Prank

Little sister was sleeping in the car.... and I have a new set of air horns :) * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://

Homemade 153db super loud bicycle air horn

This is my homemade 153 decibels bicycle air horn, great for when drivers pull out in front of me which happens too often 150db air horn

55-gallon train horn

Made out of 55 gallon drum and a five gallon bucket and a sonotube

Jeep VS. Firetruck!!! Air Horn Battle!!!

I was at home depot getting more stuff that I don't need like normal when I saw a firetruck in the parking lot. I couldn't pass up the chance to compare the air