How To Play The Trumpet - Trumpet Lessons with David Bilger

How To Play The Trumpet - Trumpet Lessons with David Bilger

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GET THE FREE TRUMPET VIDEO LESSONS:- Online trumpet lessons with one on one video feedback from one and only David Bilger, the Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Trumpet. Buzzing is the most basic way to make sound in a trumpet and it's important to practice buzzing. David Bilger actually practices 10-15 days of buzzing everyday. How do we buzz? First, hold the mouth piece with two fingers above and thumb under with your non-dominant hand. The mouth piece should be positioned in a way that lower and upper lips are split 50-50 evenly. Another thing to consider is to make sure the ring of the mouth piece is out of the red part of the lips (this may differ by your features). The angle of the jaw is also very important to ensure you have even pressure on both lips and a straight airway out into the mouth piece. When you have all these positional elements correct, the sound you are looking for is a pure buzzing sound with very little to no breaks. You can achieve this pure sound by buzzing the embouchure evenly. You can work on this purity by playing one note at mezzo forte, a medium dynamic, then moving down a note every time you can play the note with a pure buzz. Once you can do that on a single note, the next step is to practice moving between notes with no break in between each note, maintaining the evenness and purity. It's easy to sign up and learn at your own pace. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Join today!

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