How the U.S. is Lagging in Global 5G Race

How the U.S. is Lagging in Global 5G Race

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Aug.17 -- Jeff Shealy, chief executive officer at Akoustis Technologies discusses the rollout of 5G wireless technology in the U.S. and China with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."

What you need to know about 5G

CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joins CBSN to explain 5G, the next generation of faster wireless technology, and how it will enable a vast expansion of conne

Apple not having 5G is an even bigger problem because carriers like Samsung are going to: Market...

AlphaOne Capital Partners founder Dan Niles on why he has a bearish outlook for the smartphone sector and Apple in particular.

5G實力遙遙領先全球!美國發動"圍剿" 盟友離不開華為技術出現分歧倒戈|主播 王志郁|【大世界新聞】20181227|三立iNEWS

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The Point: Why is the U.S. lagging behind China in 5G?

U.S. President Donald Trump reinforced U.S. efforts to develop its 5G technology by announcing new initiatives to ensure America will win what he sees as the 5G

Huawei founder: 'America doesn't represent the world' - BBC News

The founder of Huawei has said there is "no way the US can crush" the company, in an exclusive interview with the BBC. Ren Zhengfei described the arrest of his

Why It's Almost Impossible to Extract Huawei From Telecom Networks | WSJ

Allies are under U.S. pressure to shun Huawei. But the company's prevalence in existing telecom networks and dominance in 5G technology make that nearly impossi

China Is Winning a New Global Arms Race

Nov.06 -- There's a new global arms race. It's not about weapons and it could determine the next global superpower. And China is winning. BNEF Head of Digital S

Here's where the US and China stand in race to 5G networks

Craig Moffett, founder and senior analyst at MoffettNathanson, joins "Squawk Box" to break down where we are in the battle for 5G continues and why it matters.

China is on a 'very, very fast trajectory' for 5G deployment: Analyst | The Rundown

Will Townsend of Moor Insights & Strategy says 5G represents a "significant" money-making opportunity for the mobile carriers. Subscribe to CNBC Life: http://c

US and China Fight for Supremacy in 5G Technology

Many experts predict that the emerging 5G wireless technology will revolutionize the world's economy. They say it holds the key to a smarter, more efficient, mo

China surpasses US economically; Washington rages

Is China “taking advantage” of economic competitiveness? With the indictment of two Chinese nationals for conspiracy and identity theft, are US officials ho

Trump says he wants 5G in the U.S. soon, but not from China

President Trump tweeted this morning that he wants to see 5G technology in the U.S., but he wants it to come from American companies, not China. "CBS This Morni

America First? China Is Dominating Global Technology Pt. 1

Inside Huawei And 5G - BBC Click

We travel to the Huawei campus in Shenzhen, China and find out their plans for 5G. Subscribe HERE Find us online at T

The Truth About Claims China “Steals” US Tech

Anya Parampil describes what has been dubbed by some to be a “new McCarthyism” brewing in the United States, as anti-China fervor is rising in the wake of

Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Huawei: Why governments are afraid of the Chinese giant

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 China's Huawei is a global lea

What will the future of 5G bring? - BBC Click

5G is coming. The next generation of wireless technology will give us self-driving cars, smart cities and could even teach you to score a goal like Messi. Sub

The cost of banning Huawei technology

Some security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei, or working with it on 5G technology. The company has been accused of having ties to C

Verizon CEO On The Future Of 5G | CNBC

Lowell McAdam, Verizon chairman and CEO, speaks to CNBC's David Faber about 5G mobile technology development and deployment. » Subscribe to CNBC: