BTEX(BTX) Measurement in Natural Gas

BTEX(BTX) Measurement in Natural Gas

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Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene and Xylenes (BTEX) are common impurities in natural gas which must be removed before sending the gas down a pipeline or before liquefaction to LNG. Environmental policy limits the amount of BTEX allowed in natural gas due to its carcinogenic properties and liability to freeze in liquefaction equipment. AAI’s OMA-300 can measure BTEX in natural gas to confirm compliance with environmental regulations and protect downstream equipment where it is liable to freeze.

Crude Oil Distillation Process Part 1

An oil refinery or petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful petroleum products, such as gasol

Headspace gas chromatography

If the analytes are very volatile, they can be sampled, injected and then separated as gases. One of the techniques for this is headspace GC. This technique a

Measurement & Volume

Measure Volume of prisms, liquid and irregular objects

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आप भी जीरे का पानी पीते हैं ? तो जानिए फायदे ,नुकसान और सावधानि

The Truth about Gas Stabilzers and Ethanol Fuel

The Truth about Gas Stabilzers and Ethanol Fuel. Whether you are using Star Tron, Stabil 360 Marine or PRI-G gasoline stabilizers don't expect any of them to wo

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Field Screening

Field Screening for petroleum hydrocarbons in soils using SiteLab portable analyzer. Video Shows how to dilute, extract and test.

Condensate Recovery System

BEP Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Largest LNG ship in the world-SBC Documentary.flv

Documentry made during sea trials of the largest LNG ship in the world, a Samsung hull no. 1726. Samsung build a number of these ships for Qatargas.

Toluene - Exposure Risks & Concerns

Toluene (C7H8) is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that is widely used in industry. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong, sweet and pungent odor that

Benzene and Aromatic Compound PAH Benzoapyrene and cancer

Bibliography/Acknowledgements. Lijinsky, William, and Philippe Shubik. "The detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in liquid smoke and some foods." Toxic

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Qatar, currently the world's number one exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), recently announced that it will increase production from 77 million tonnes of n


Properties of the tracer and compartment measured Blood Volume versus Plasma Volume.

Analyseur BTEX / BTEX Analyzer - In'Air Solutions

Compact (5,5 Kg) / Mesure sur site & en continu / Autonomie 8H / Précision optimale (1 ppb)

Calculating retention factors for TLC | Chemical processes | MCAT | Khan Academy

Learn how to calculate retention factors (Rf) for thin layer chromatography (TLC). By Angela Guerrero. . Created by Angela Guerrero. Watch the next lesson: htt

3-D Model of 2,500 BPD Condensate Stablizer with Construction/Installation Pictures S-Con has the ability to design, fabricate, and install Condensate Stabilizer systems, ranging in size from 800 bbl/day to 40,000 bbl/d

Q-Max Animation

Q-Max is the largest LNG carrier (266,000 m3) design to date. A series of these large sophisticated ships were built at Samsung Shipyard in Geode, Korea for Qat

Introduction to Gas Chromatography

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) & Exposure Risks

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, commonly referred to as PAHs, are a group of chemicals that are formed during the incomplete burning of coal, oil and gas, gar

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CDPHE What we know and don't know about the health and environmental impacts of oil and gas operations - Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director, Colorado Departmen

Diffrence between LPG,CNG and PNG (Explined In Hindi)-कौन है बेहतर ?

LPG------- - -Liquified petrolium gas -propane,butane or Isobutane or combination of these -odorless,colorless and havier than air ,settele at floor and repl