Asian Penguins - Why I Use Linux | #WhyIUseLinux

Asian Penguins - Why I Use Linux | #WhyIUseLinux


In response to The Linux Gamer's call to tell why we use Linux, the Asian Penguins put together this short video to explain a few of our reasons. #whyiuselinux

Is Linux Better Than Windows? 🤔

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Why I Use Linux | #whyiuselinux

This is a response to The Linux Gamers video for Why I use Linux project My Website My Instagram

Q&A: My daily driver, GNOME video, Distro for beginners, Linux video making | Channel Updates

You often ask me these questions: Are you Russian? What Linux distro do you use as your daily driver? What is the best Linux desktop environment in your opini

Linux xrandr resolution setup

Linux xrandr display resolution setup easy. Add a second display to your PC and quickly add the resolution information to the operating system through the termi

Why should I use terminal applications?

Some comments on using terminal applications. Terminal apps are not memes; they're great tools for the customizability a poweruser nneds, but might not be for e

Linux Tools: Monitoring & Troubleshooting Basics with Glances

A beginner's guide to my favorite linux system monitoring/troubleshooting tool: Glances. By the end of this video you'll know the basics, and be able to quickly

How to Run Android Apps on Ubuntu with Anbox

This video shown you how to run android application on ubuntu with anbox. Anbox puts the Android operating system into a container, abstracts hardware access a

Linux Software Considerations - How I use Linux for Web Design and WordPress

I use Linux for my web design work just as efficiently as I use Windows and proprietary software. This video I show how to spin up a WordPress site on CPanel a

My i3wm + Solus Setup!

Just a quick video showing off my Solus with i3wm setup! It's a great combo, if you are into tiling window managers. I show a few different things, such as my i

Linux SysLogs

A tutorial on how to configure the NEW Nagios Log Server plus how to add Clients (Linux a). Nagios Log Server is a powerful enterprise-class log monitoring and

Linux: Disk Maintenance

Crear memoria USB Booteable para cualquier sistema operativo | 2016

Bueno amigos, el día de hoy les traigo este videotutorial, el cual consiste en crear memorias usb o dispositvos pen drive como unidades de arranque para la ins

Chelsea vs Tottenham 4-2 ● All Goals & Highlights | RAGE REACTION

Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Be sure to leave a LIKE, SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW AND COMMENT any requests you may have that you would like me to react too. Fo

THIS IS THE ANSWER!! American Football Fans vs European Football Fans - REACTION

ORIGINAL VIDEO: He Live. We Live. TV Back with A LIVE reaction video reacting to. WHAT A GAME THIS WAS Real Madri

Huawei MateBook X Pro with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

X DAP Link Software for the DP-X1

This video is about the X DAP Link Software for the DP-X1 portable High Res music player. For information on the player, please visit -

How to make a Bot with AutoIT

Download script here: Step by step on how create a bot for use on games and other automation things. We will take a look at the basics of

Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know (Annie LeBlanc & Hayden Summerall Cover)

TICKETS TO ANNIE LEBLANC & SKY KATZ ON SALE NOW 6/15/2019 - The Gould Theater - New York, NY Get Annie's newest song "Two

Prodigy -- Linux advertisement by IBM

Linux advertisement from IBM, released in September 2003. "The Future is Open" IBM

Tom Scott - Linux