New V12 Shmeemobile SHOPPING in My Ford GT!

New V12 Shmeemobile SHOPPING in My Ford GT!


It's happened, something with a V12 is joining my garage next weekend! To go and check it out, the Ford GT gets a drive with the new BBS wheels and can be pushed harder for the first time as it's now run-in! Stay tuned for Sat 30th March, 18:00 UK and the reveal. Starting off with the AMG GT R, step one is to drive over to the storage to check out the Ford GT which is now wearing it's new BBS FI-R wheels. Upon arrival, 5 of the cars are parked together but crucially is pulling back the GT's covers to look at the wheels in detail. The wheels are exclusively provided by Inokinetic, painted here in Le Mans Grey and with the gold touches for the BBS logo on the centre caps. While I've been away the new lug nuts arrived and then when the FI-Rs were fitted to the car it was returned to the storage so this is actually the first time I saw it finished. The GT's journey takes me out of London to view the new car, with limited clues about that at the moment until all is set, signed and sealed - without taking chances to jinx it. In the mean time though that helps the odo on the Ford GT reach 600 miles and therefore mean it's fully run-in and now ready for the first oil change service. The new addition to the collection is everything I was hoping it would be; crucially something with a V12 to power it, and also the spec is perfect, it's in immaculate condition, and the dealership are fantastic. The deal is done, and it will all be revealed on Saturday 30th March at 18:00 UK time (19:00 CET, 12:00 EST, 09:00 PT). After the viewing, it's back onto the roads to enjoy the GT as it's intended! This is where the adventures can really start to begin, opening it up and pushing on more than has been possible during the breaking in process. The car comes to life as the revs build; in terms of the sense of occasion and drama but still this is nothing compared to getting it onto the open roads around Europe over the coming months as the tours commence. For more information on some of the things I discussed during the video, here are some helpful links: Shmee150 Future Wear carbon fibre Sunglasses: Get your tickets for the Amsterdam Motorshow IAMS: More info about developing an app with Jemtx: ShirtbyHand: Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:

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