Candid Camera Classic: Hydrant on Your Lawn

Candid Camera Classic: Hydrant on Your Lawn

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When you least expect it, the city tries to put a hydrant on your lawn! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Facebook: Official website:

Candid Camera Classic: Disappearing Building

A super classic in which messengers pick-up at a building, but when they return it's a vacant lot! Peter Funt shares their predicament. Subscribe to our YouTu

Three legged Man PRANK!👟👟👟-Julien Magic

Hope you like this three legged man Prank! all credits to my good friend Magician "Daniel Piquet" who helped me out with this illusion 5 years ago in Paris. b

Candid Camera Classic: Ticket in Your Own Driveway!

Dina Eastwood plays a cop, ticketing people for parking badly in their own driveways! Subscribe to our channel.

Fat Man Breaks Park Bench! | Subscribe! Heavy businessman on phone breaks a bench he sits on and then is about to wreck another one.

Mike Murphy Candid Camera the "clamped" bicycle.

The team lock a man's bicycle to a sign post.

Candid Camera Classic: Raising Prices in Carts

At a NY supermarket, Dick raises prices on items in shoppers' carts!

Candid Camera Classic: Sitting Too Close!

Tables in this restaurant are too darn close together! (Please subscribe at the end of the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Flight to Nowhere!

In this mind-blower, Peter Funt welcomes airline passengers to Phoenix (but they're really in Salt Lake City)! Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Candid Camera Classic: Van Door Falls Off!

Motorists try to help with a stuck door, but we make it fall. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Facebook:

Prank: Serial Killer in Your Waiting Room

A morbid prank - what if you were sitting in the waiting room, and the mugshot of the person next to you was on TV? SUBSCRIBE for more hilarious pranks: http:/

Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch

Customers at a photo studio discover that strangers have been added to their family portraits.

Candid Camera Classic: Stuck on Bank Line

In this 1970s classic, a customer is stuck on a bank line while everyone else moves. Allen Funt narrates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Fantastic real Candid Camera: the 1cent Experiment

Raccogliereste mai un centesimo di euro trovato per strada? Candid camera realizzata da Vodafone nel centro di Roma.

Candid Camera Classic: Parachute Fail

At the Rose Bowl, office workers help out with a sky-diving show that goes very wrong. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Facebook: http

Super Funny Hidden Camera at the Airport

just for laugh I do not own the rights of this video.

Candid Camera Classic: Slow Gas Pump!

In 2003, we fixed a gas pump to run impossibly slow.

Candid Camera Classic: Girl Blows Up a Tire!

Jennifer and Sam play a couple with a flat tire. What can Jennifer do to fix it? (Subscribe to our channel at the end of the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Lousy Plates!

At a DMV office in California, motorists get a shock, as Peter Funt hands out the worst possible plates. (After the video, please subscribe.)

Candid Camera Classic: Menu Substitutions

Restaurant patrons find that their orders have been "substituted" by management.