Geo-Political Realignments Over Venezuela

Geo-Political Realignments Over Venezuela

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On the heels of the hard-line anti-Maduro Lima Group meeting in Ottawa, countries favoring a negotiated solution, including Uruguay, Mexico, and Bolivia, met in Montevideo on Thursday. The final declaration, however, compromises Venezuela's sovereignty, according to Bolivia. We discuss the outcome with Miguel Tinker Salas and Greg Wilpert Visit for more stories and help support our work by donating at

Venezuela: How long can Maduro hold on? | DW Conflict Zone

Three million people have fled Venezuela, escaping hunger, poverty and political repression under the rule of President Nicolas Maduro. DW's Tim Sebastian asks

Russian jet to ship 20 tons of gold out of Venezuela

Russian financier Maxim Shashenkov discusses the report that a Russian jetliner is set to ship 20 tons of gold out of Venezuela amid the protests against disput

China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

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Rick Sanchez: Which countries resisted US on Venezuela?

RT America’s Dan Cohen reports on the countries backing Venezuelan opposition-leader and self-declared interim President Juan Guaido and those standing with P

China to US: BUTT OUT of Venezuela! Here’s why

Rick Sanchez reports on China’s soft-spoken but unmistakable hard line on Venezuela, whose deep economic ties lead to Chinese unequivocal opposition to attemp

Is Russia propping up the Maduro regime by buying Venezuelan oil?

Juan Fernandez, former PDVSA executive living in exile, discusses the crisis in Venezuela and how Russia is propping up the Maduro regime by buying Venezuelan o

Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans

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The return of the strongman in Latin America

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Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive

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Héctor Schamis: Uruguay y México no son neutrales para ser mediadores en el caso de Venezuela

Héctor Schamis, profesor de la universidad de Georgetown, conversó en el programa La Tarde de NTN24 sobre el grupo de contacto adelantado en Montevideo donde

Putin is asked: Is it time for President Maduro of Venezuela to go?

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La política de EE.UU. en Venezuela: Bloquear las cuentas y luego ofrecer ayuda humanitaria

La cuestión de la ayuda humanitaria enviada a Venezuela ha levantado una gran polvareda en la comunidad internacional. Mientras que desde la ONU esperan que se

Despite US pressure: Nord Stream 2 will go ahead after France & Germany reach compromise

Germany & France have reached a compromise on the joint Russian-German gas pipeline project 'Nord Stream 2'. Commenting on the deal, German Chancellor Angela Me

Who Is the New Self-Declared President of Venezuela? | NYT News

The 35-year-old opposition leader Juan Guaidó just swore himself in as Venezuela’s interim president. Who is he? Read the story here:

Trump’s Plan for Regime Change in Venezuela | Robert Wright & Max Blumenthal [The Wright Show]

00:00 Max’s on-the-ground observations at political rallies in Caracas 09:51 A brief history of Venezuelan politics, from Chavez to now 15:57 Who’s responsi

Venezuela's parallel government in talks with Beijing and Moscow

► Read more at The FT's Gideon Long talks with Venezuela's interim president Juan Guaidó about his efforts to talk with China and

The collapse of Venezuela, explained

Venezuela is in chaos. How did we get here? Correction at 1:58: The Supreme Court tried to strip the country’s National Assembly of its powers in March 2017

All About Elections

Ralph talks to Democratic Congressman, Jamie Raskin, about what issues the Dems have to run on to take over the House. And editor of Ballot Access New

Russia on the Situation in Venezuela - Press Conference (11 April 2019)

Press Conference by Mr. Dmitry Polyanskiy, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations. Russian Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy today (11 Apr)

Venezuela Crisis Explained (Short Documentary 2017)

Venezuela - The country with the largest oil reserves is facing a food shortage today. Find out why! The 2017 crisis in Venezuela explained. Illustrating stor