Trump's wall ignites tensions in Arizona: 'This country has been violated' | Anywhere but Washington

Trump's wall ignites tensions in Arizona: 'This country has been violated' | Anywhere but Washington


As Donald Trump seeks congressional support for his border wall, the Guardian's Paul Lewis meets Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff recently pardoned by Trump, and other local Republicans who are enraged over what they describe as an 'invasion' from Mexico. But he discovers a very different view among the Tohono O'odham Nation, a Native American tribe with members on both sides of the border Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ► View more from Anywhere but Washington, our series engaging with America's most overlooked peoples and places ► Today in Focus podcast ► Support the Guardian ► Sign up for the Guardian documentaries newsletter ► The Guardian ► The Guardian YouTube network: Guardian News ► Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Sport ► Guardian Culture ►

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