Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 vs Sony Alpha A6000

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 vs Sony Alpha A6000


Get your FZ1000 from amazon through the link below: or Get your Sony A6000 from amazon through the link below: In this video I compare the Panasonic FZ1000 and the Sony A6000. Enjoy! -TDD

FZ1000 Detailed Review with 8 Minutes of Footage

Full detailed review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000. Not the perfect camera, but it shoots some beautiful footage. Skip ahead to 16:53 to jump straight to th

Why I Switched to the Sony A6000

I cannot recommend the Sony A6000 any more highly. If you are looking for an excellent performing camera that will take amazing photos and professional looking

Kamera Review: Sony Alpha 6000 & Sigma 19/2.8 DN


Sony Alpha Lenses - Gary Fong's Gearbag

Professional Photographer Gary Fong shares his current gear bag of Sony lenses and bodies. Gary currently shoots the Sony a99, a7r, a7s, a7, a77ii and the a6

Sony RX100M3 Review Part 2: Hands-On Pros and Cons

Full review with lots of real-world RX100M3 images at Buy the Sony RX100M3 Camera: Charger

Lumix ZS200 vs LX100 vs FZ1000 Best Travel Camera!

The new Lumix ZS200 is the love child of super zoom FZ1000, the big bridge camera from Panasonic, and its compact mini zoom LX100. All shoot fantastic 4K video

Panasonic FZ1000 Hands-On Field Test

4K recording, a 1" type sensor camera with a  25-400mm equivalent F2.8-4 lens for under a grand?  Panasonic is on a roll.  In this episode TCSTV's Chris Nicc

Sony a6000 Overview Tutorial

For more, SUBSCRIBE and like TABLE OF CONTENTS/VIDEO INDEX: 0:40 Lens, Battery, Memory Card 2:26 Ports 3:34 Taking a Picture

Lumix FZ80 versus FZ1000 Decision Time!

I was going to replace my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 with the Lumix FZ80 because of its huge 20-1200mm zoom lens. But it has a 1/2.3" sensor. Is that a deal breaker

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 compared with the Panasonic FZ200

A side by side stills mode test of the two cameras showing the enhanced imaged quality that can be achieved with the FZ1000 if you need larger format prints or

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions

My overview of the new Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Bridge camera. Looking at some of the new features that this camera has compared to the FZ200 camera

Best in camera time-lapse. The Panasonic LUMIX line delivers!

To me the time-lapse video in all videos is super super important. I have, in the past, used a pretty cheap Panasonic TM700 to record time lapses of anything th

D5500 Review vs Nikon D3300, Canon 70D & Sony a6000: Portraits, Landscapes & Sports

What's the best camera under $1,000? We test the four big rivals to find the winner for every type of photographer. SUBSCRIBE and like

FZ1000 Full Review - 4K - 120FPS - vs GH4 - Zoom Range - IS tests - Low light - Photos - & More

FZ1000 on Amazon➡ + My Full video review of the FZ1000. I hope I wasn't too harsh on the 120FPS and the photo qu

Lumix DMC FZ1000 Vs Canon SX50 HS Run'n Gun Real Life Review

The new 4K video Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000 "bridge" camera is reviewed against the super zoom Canon SX50 HS from a Youtube videographers perspective. What work

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 Digitally Digested Review

Get your FZ1000 from amazon through the link below:

SONY a6000 Review and video sample - Best Mirrorless Camera

The a6000 is the fastest auto focus camera I have ever tested. I was extremely surprised how good it does. Simply amazing!!! Get it on amazon -

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 vs Sony Cyber-shot HX400V

Get your FZ1000 from amazon through the link below:

Nikon D7100 Compared to Sony Alpha a6000

I shoot with both of these cameras so I wanted to let you know the actual differences between the two. btw the Sony a6000 stopped recording at 12min36sec and th

Lumix FZ1000 vs FZ2500

We've been getting a lot of questions about the Lumix FZ2500 and how it compares to the FZ2500 so we made this video to compare the 2 cameras They both have a 1