All the 2020 Election Presidential Candidates | QT Politics

All the 2020 Election Presidential Candidates | QT Politics


So far, the 2020 election features several serious declared Democratic candidates, with a number of others still suspected to join the primary, a broad range of independents and third-party candidates, and, very likely, a primary contest for the GOP incumbent, President Donald J Trump. Technically speaking, there are over 600 candidates, if you count everyone who has filed with the FEC. At least one of these people were kicked off the Dr. Phil show. Yes, he's actually running. And like Mr. Vegan—that's his actual legal name--most of the people who have filed to run don't have anything resembling a chance of even having their names mentioned on a major media outlet, let alone becoming a serious contender for the presidency. And, there are a handful of significant potential candidates who have yet to file. So, in this video, I'll attempt to give you a broad overview of the serious 2020 contenders for the highest office in the land, and answer the question... Who's actually running? Candidates covered in this video include: Potential Independents and Third Party Candidates: Howard Schultz; Mark Cuban; Ronnie Kroell; Akon; John McAffee, Vermin Supreme; Arvin Vohra; Adam Kokesh; Sam Seder; Justin Amash; Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry; Ian Schlakman; Dario Hunter; Jesse Ventura; Howie Hawkins; Ajamu Baraka; Brian Caroll; Joshua Perkins; Joe Schriner Republican Primary Contenders: Donald Trump; Bill Weld; John Kasich; Bob Corker; Larry Hogan Democratic Primary Declared Candidates: John Delaney; Miarrianne Williamson; Tulsi Gabbard; Andrew Yang; Jay Inslee; John Hickenlooper; Kirsten Gillibrand; Julian Castro; Pete Buttigieg (exploratory committee); Wayne Messam; Mike Gravel (exp. comm.); Amy Klobuchar; Cory Booker; Elizabeth Warren; Beto O'Rourke; Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders Other Potential Democratic Contenders: Joe Biden; Stacey Abrams; Michael Bennet; Steve Bullock; Bill de Blasio; Terry McAuliffe; Seth Moulton; Tim Ryan; Eric Swalwell Newest Videos: Most Popular Videos: Subscribe: Support this channel at: #2020election #politics #questiontime Question Time features video essays about politics, history and culture, with a particular focus on the United States of America. Topics are inspired by events and trends in news and current affairs, and attempt to provide context for a robust discussion in the comments section. All opinions presented in videos are my own, but yours matter, too. Your thoughts are highly valued, even when you don't agree. At the heart of every vibrant democracy are ordinary people, engaged in debate over policy and values.

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