Princess Jasmine and Little Mermaid | Water Balloon Pool Party with Twins Kate & Lilly

Princess Jasmine and Little Mermaid | Water Balloon Pool Party with Twins Kate & Lilly

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MAGIC PLAY TIME! Jasmine pranks the twins with water balloons, squirt gun, and more! Ariel helps the girls and they all have a fun pool party in the summer sunshine! Last Video: Random Video: Vlog Channel: Princess Lollipop: Ryan in Real Life: Our camera: Little tripod thing: Microphone: Action Camera: Don't forget to subscribe! **Instagram**

Elsa gives Kate and Lilly DISNEY Princess OSMO Super Studio!!

This video is a paid ad for Osmo. MAGIC PLAY TIME!! Frozen Elsa gives the twins the OSMO Super Studio with the Disney Princess sketch book! They have a magical

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GIANT PRINCESS CASTLE!! Elsa Teaches Twins Kate & Lilly Magic!!

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Sasha dress up for Pony Party and plays with Girl toys

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Maleficent gets OUT OF JAIL, has a tea party with Little Mermaid ARIEL!!

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Kate and Lilly vs Friends! Spin the Wheel CHALLENGE!!

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Frozen ELSA and Princess Jasmine Play HIDE AND SEEK!

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Heidi Dress Up for a Princesses Party

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Princess Lollipop has a Water Balloon Party with Kate, Lilly, and Friends! | Bunch o' Balloons!

Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video! ‘Tis the season to Splash to Win! Bunch O Balloons are giving away over $1 million in awesome summer prizes includin

Our Last Year! Twins & Toys Best of 2017 Compilation!!!

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Gaby wants to be a Disney Princess

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Frozen Elsa and Twins Kate & Lilly play Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Soda Shop!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Elsa uses the Mini Soda Shoppe to teach the twins about taking turns and being patient! Last Video:

OH NO! Frozen Elsa's MAGIC WAND is Broken!!

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Princess Tiana SAVES Tinker Bell from Captain Hook Jail!

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Twins and Toys Princess Fashion Show with Kate and Lilly!

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Frozen Elsa Gives Kate & Lilly a Magic Fashion Show with a Dance Party!

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Kate and Lilly CREATE New Rainbocorns 2 with Princess Lollipop Magic!

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