Native American: Hard to say I trust government

Native American: Hard to say I trust government

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CNN's Van Jones talks to Native Americans to discuss the government's level of contribution to their reservations throughout the different administrations.

1989 - American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing

From the C-SPAN Video Library - Mr. Means harshly criticizes the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian leadership of reservations. Russell Means died October 22 a

Heartbreaking question son had for his mom who survived shooting

CNN's Van Jones is joined in his van by Las Vegas shooting survivors and a gun shop owner to discuss guns in America.

Trump voter defends Confederate statues to black pastor

Trump voters and a pastor ride alone with CNN's VanJones debating political issues including the removal of Confederate statues.

Trump's wall ignites tensions in Arizona: 'This country has been violated' | Anywhere but Washington

As Donald Trump seeks congressional support for his border wall, the Guardian's Paul Lewis meets Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff recently pardone

'Big Bang Theory' star on Roseanne's tweets: Why? How?

In a candid interview, CNN's Van Jones asks "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons if Roseanne Barr went too far with her tweets.

One family's quest for a Native American tribute

A towering monument to one of the most revered figures in Native American history is slowly taking shape in South Dakota. Crazy Horse was among the leaders of t

Belief Blog: Sorry, Jesus isn't white

CNN's Eric Marrapodi and the Daily Beast's Jamelle Blouie discuss FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly's remark about Jesus.

At US-Mexico border, a tribal nation fights wall that would divide them

The Native American tribe Tohono o’odham in Arizona has a significant stake in the ongoing conflict in Congress about whether to fund President Trump’s $5.7

Rob Reiner And “The Mooch” Debate President Donald Trump’s Lies | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Actor Rob Reiner and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci join Ari Melber to discuss Trump’s campaign promises and his record in offi

Inside an Apache Rite of Passage Into Womanhood

For the Mescalero Apache Tribe, girls are not recognized as women until they have undergone the Sunrise Ceremony- an ancient, coming-of-age ceremony that lasts

Kellyanne Conway says Kelly Sadler still welcome at White House

Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway says Kelly Sadler, the former White House aide who was under fire for mocking Sen. John McCain, is still qualified

Jones calls out Ted Nugent over "racist" comments

On Crossfire, Van Jones responds to Ted Nugent's controversial comments about President Obama.

'America is a stolen country'

Subscribe to BBC News Alcoholism, unemployment and suicide are problems associated with Native American reservations in the US. But a ne

Lemon: Trump threw himself a party, because no one would come

CNN's Don Lemon breaks down President Trump's motivation for disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House and instead hosting a "Celebration of Americ

Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion

Members of the Great Sioux Nation could pocket a large sum set aside by the government for taking the resource-rich Black Hills away from the tribes in 1877. Bu

'We Live to Survive': One Week with Lakota (Part 1)

Part 2: "We live to survive." That is what many of them say. In the 19th century, the Lakota people were among the most successful

Changing the way we see Native Americans | Matika Wilbur | TEDxTeachersCollege

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In 2013 Matika Wilbur took on a project of massive scope: to photograp

Trump jokes with Putin about election interference

President Donald Trump joked with Russian President Vladimir Putin against meddling in US presidential elections during the G20 summit. #CNN #News

Attorney says he fears his white neighbors

Arizona attorney Sean Carter says he was afraid to deliver a package to his neighbors in a predominantly white neighborhood because he is black.

30-year-old evicted from parents' home speaks to CNN

A judge ruled in favor of parents who wanted their 30-year-old so, Michael Rotondo, to move out. Rotondo tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin he would like to leave but d