Large spotted Winter Grayling

Large spotted Winter Grayling


Fishing for Winter Grayling on the Severn at Caersws in January 2017, nice OOS trout landed by Dan Graham - lots of grayling were also caught!

Fishing for Grayling on the Dee - Fishing Britain Shorts

Put an Englishman, a Welshman and a czech in the dee and see the grayling fly out and one fall in. This item first appeared in Fishing Britain episode 003 htt

Fly Fishing Basics: Fly Casting - How to Cast a Fly Rod

Fly fishing basics for every level of angler. World record holder and fly fishing expert Al Noraker delivers the information you need to know to understand the

Jordan Holloway On The River Severn

England Youth International Jordan Holloway reveals how he tackles the beautiful River Severn in his home town of Bewdley.

Grayling fishing with the wet fly on the Welsh Dee at Llangollen

Fishing the head of the Top Pool on Llangollen Upper Beat of the Welsh Dee. Wet flyfishing was the best approach because the fish were feeding high in the water

How can I catch Grayling? The School Of Fish

Grayling fishing season is traditionally in the winter months. They are a hard fighting fish that can provide some fantastic sport when nothing else wants to b

How to set up for Grayling

Alex Jardine has long had a passion for grayling and has become one of the leading authorities in the UK. In this short film he divulges his fly fishing tackle

Stick float fishing on rivers for Grayling. (The Lady of the stream)

Stick float fishing on UK rivers for Grayling. The lady of the stream. How to catch Grayling. Great day spent stick float fishing on the small river Irfon. Fi

Fly fishing for grayling on the River Teme

An evening's fly fishing session on the River Teme in which I managed to land a few grayling. No monsters caught but, after all, size isn't everything. Fished t

Fly Fishing - HUGE Graylings 61.2cm, 60cm, 59cm, ... !!!

Fly fishing for large grayling in Finland, Sweden and Norway! ,

25lb Spring Salmon River Towy April 2017


How To Attach A Leader To A Fly Line

Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters and the Midwest Fly Fishing Schools demonstrates how to attach a leader to your fly line using the simple loop-to-loop co

How to Tie the Nail Knot

This video explains the easiest way to tie perfect nail knots every time. The nail knot is a very intimidating knot for many fly fishermen but after learning th

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Trotting for Grayling on the River Dee in Wales

I will be uploading a bunch of underwater footage from different venues aswell as maybe some fishing videos. Let me know what you want to see. Make sure to lik

Fly Fishing on the River Usk

My dear friend casting a line on the River Usk. I can watch him cast all day long. Please excuse the wind interferance - see more on our website - http://www.fl

Rainbow Trout spinning fishing in Wales. 2017

Spinning fishing for stocked rainbow trout in Wales.

Welsh Sea Trout

underwater sea trout footage

Taimen Underwater Strike Video

Underwater video of a Taimen (Hucho taimen) striking a spinner in the Ka Xem river near the Mongolian boarder in the Siberian region of Russia. This particular

Underwater grayling demo

Underwater grayling demo

Tyne and Wear Fish Pass

In July 2012 the Environment Agency opened the new fish pass on the River Tees as part of 2km of river improvements. This coincided with boosting fish stocks of