Candid Camera Classic: Ali Meets the Kids

Candid Camera Classic: Ali Meets the Kids

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Muhammad Ali made several appearances on Candid Camera. In 1974 he visited a school and allowed kids to "discover" him. Allen Funt narrates.

Muhammad Ali is Great and Funny at Harvard University

Muhammad Ali visited Harvard University when he was champion and had them all in stitches. Follow Boxing Hall of Fame Facebook:

Candid Camera Classic: Sorry I Hit Your Car

The note says "sorry"...but for what? Watch how men and women react differently to this car trouble. (Subscribe to our channel after the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Rival Tow Trucks!

Women asked to watch a car and wait for a tow, find that rivals show up.

Sugar Ray Leonard 1976 Olympic Gold Medal Match Pt. 1

Sugar Ray Leonard 1976 Olympiz Gold Medal Match

Candid Camera TV Episode - Funny Phone Message

Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected an art that has entertained people for nearly 60 years. Candi

Muhammad Ali Training

Muhammad Ali training in Zaire for the Rumble in the Jungle hosting Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman.

Muhammad Ali 50th Birthday Tribute w Howard Cosell

I saw this video was taken down, and I don't think the world should be deprived of this

Candid Camera Classic: Kids Tie Ties

Kids hardly ever wear a tie. Can they handle one?

Candid Camera Classic: Sitting Too Close!

Tables in this restaurant are too darn close together! (Please subscribe at the end of the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Girl Blows Up a Tire!

Jennifer and Sam play a couple with a flat tire. What can Jennifer do to fix it? (Subscribe to our channel at the end of the video.)

Muhammad Ali Attacks Howard Cosell

Muhammad Ali playfully tries to rip the toupee off the head of sports journalist Howard Cosell during the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. See the complete on De

Muhammad Ali engaging in some of his famous trash talk

A compilation of some of Muhammad Ali's most famous trash talk.

Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch

Customers at a photo studio discover that strangers have been added to their family portraits.

Candid Camera Classic: Ticket for a Passenger!

In Ohio, Peter plays a cop who tickets passengers for speeding!

Muhammad Ali - Isaac Fleming funny sparing

Muhammad Ali - Isaac Fleming funny sparing

Candid Camera Classic: Beaut-o-Matic

Early in his Candid Camera career, Peter Funt played a salesman, demonstrating the Beaut-o-Matic – a machine that could do a complete beauty makeover in secon

Mohammed Ali refuses a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

How Mohammed Ali refuses a place on the Hollywood Hall of Fame out of respect of his name and the Prophet

Candid Camera Classic: Stuck on Bank Line

In this 1970s classic, a customer is stuck on a bank line while everyone else moves. Allen Funt narrates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: