The Best and Funniest Doritos Kids Adverts

The Best and Funniest Doritos Kids Adverts

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The funniest Doritos commercials featuring kids. ► Doritos is an American brand of flavored tortilla chips produced since 1964 by Frito-Lay, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo.The original Doritos were not flavored. The first flavor was Taco, released in 1967, though other flavors have since debuted for the company. The concept for Doritos originated in a restaurant at Disneyland. Yes! We have merch right here ► Hungry for some Doritos? Get some Doritos Cool Ranch ► or everyone's favorite Nacho Cheese ► More Doritos Videos Doritos "Animals" Adverts ► Doritos "Dream Girls" Adverts ► Doritos "Dogs" Adverts" ► Top 30 Funniest Doritos Commercials ► Don't forget to Subscribe!

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