Super Trump 64 (Meme Alert)

Super Trump 64 (Meme Alert)


This is a Super Mario 64 hack by Kaze. Comments: Well, I was going to upload a Last Impact video, but then this came out, and I decided to do it just for the heck of it. Besides, I don't feel like doing timestamps right now :P Disclaimer: This rom hack is basically one big meme. You have been warned Kappa


Nintendo Memes v3- Super Mario 64 (Compilation)

Thank you for 200 subscribers! If you enjoyed, like and subscribe so i know to make more! I don’t own anything in this video, and it is meant for entertainme

SM74 Extreme Edition - Course 12 Cliff of Pain

Welcome to my walkthrough of SM74 Extreme Edition a Super Mario 64 hack by Lugmillord. In this video, I show off how to get all 7 stars in Course 12 Cliff of Pa

[TAS] [Meme] CCM Slide in reverse (4''34.5')

Dear Plush, (Watch the whole video for the memest experience) Don't let you memes be dreams Yours Truly, a penguin memer

Do the Mario | Super Mario Odyssey Style

Do the Mario but it's Super Mario Odyssey! Even in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario knows how to swing his arms from side to side, and he wants you to join him! So ev

[TAS] SM64 Last Impact - Bowser's Fiery Castle - 38.87

the idea came up while i was at work hehe, glad to see it's possible!

Super Mario 64 Slider Race Theme Song

Super Mario 64 Slider race Theme Song

Super Mario World - Overworld Theme Music (FULL VERSION)

Just Super Mario World in game music, no video. NOTE: By "FULL" I mean the song essentially loops in game, so this just is a longer recorded version for those

Super Mario 64- Slide Theme Fusion Remix

I just love the slide theme, so here's a remix! Mario 64 is owned by Nintendo

Super Trump 64 in 29"08 (TAS)

Donald Trump forgot about Mexican jumping skills. This TAS can be done better and sub 29 is possible. I might make a BLJless one. SM64 Hack made by Kaze that

supra mayro 64 trailer

hhelp pesh's kingome?

(SM64) Crazy Memes

Well, editing just got a lot harder to do. Idea By: Subscribe Today: Sparta Remix Channel:

Super Trump 64 Speedrun - 1:21.11

LiveSplit was a bit off, so I retimed it. This isn't WR anymore, I have improved it to a 1:19.93:

What SHOULD have happened if you died in Super Trump 64

Unfortunately when you actually die it just restarts the game.

Trump-ump Battlefield (Super Mario 64 cover)

Just a cover of Super Mario 64's Bomb-omb Battlefield. Using the Donald Trump "bing bing bong" vine All rights go to their respectful owner

Slide 10 Hours - Super Mario 64

Slide Music. Also for Tick-Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, and other bonus levels.

Super Mario 64 In Real Life

Hotel Mario Meme

Based on this Twitter Thread The Music is a mashup of differrent versions of the Hotel Mario Music