Good Enough/Anyone but you/Paralyzed(GLMV)

Good Enough/Anyone but you/Paralyzed(GLMV)

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Unbreakable GLMV OC backstory


The Revenge App - GLMM (Original by KiwiYanx)

inspired by drama: Revenge Note💕 hope you all enjoyed this I'm applying for monetization,I hope I get accepted!!! 💙💙💙

Prom Queen |GLMV| Sacrificed *What was supposed to be a 1k*

Enjoy My suffering

You Dont Know GLMV

Athena is a princess and she hates it because her mom makes it horrible being one. Also only two people know she is a princess her best friend and her now Ex.

"I never Win"/ Gacha Life Mini Movie/ Glmm

I hope you guys liked this! It took a while to make. I now have a Merch store if you want to buy something you can check it out here:

Happier / GLMV / #2one

~Say my name~/GLMV 💜👌(read description for explanation and translation)

Hey sorry I've been gone I wasn't able to finish any of the part 2s but since it's spring break I think I'll get them done buy Wednesday or Thursday I wasn't ab

||| Rockabye ||| GLMV |||

Made with •Gacha life •Kline Master Original idea Posted on 2 - 17 - 19 Tiktok - RedTheSomeone


Music - Ignite by Alan Walker

Accident | A Gacha Life Mini Movie

Based on a Wattpad Story Written by Me... Music credited at the end of the video! Thank you for 500 subscribers! 😆


Unbreakable GLMV (meeting Zack's parents, description)

Zack decided to bring Becky to meet his parents because becky is pregnant, when he meet them he notices that nothing had changed since he left. His mom never le

Dollhouse | GLMV

Song: Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez