kia soul airhorn install

kia soul airhorn install


Installing air horns on my 2012 Kia Soul. Skip to around 4:40 for sound of new horn. Sorry I didnt do a video cap of the wiring. More details of my install can be found on at No idea why WindowsMovie maker decided to add a black border around the video... THEN, YouTube detects that my video is shaky, and auto-corrects it.. so now the border moves around... interesting....


Installing air horns (Turning a Beep Beeb into a HOOOONK!)

I got cut off one too many times and decided to take action. As I told a buddy of mine, many times, "Folks 'round here can't merge." They have no concept of w

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What happens inside a relay isn't magic, but it is important. Understanding how the relay works will help with diagnosis and modifications to vehicle systems.

Vehicle HORN Comparison

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The funny prank war continues with this funny video! Andrew strikes back on Matt with another air horn prank! It is amazing how the first air horn prank was o

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After install walkthrough of the Kleinn 734 ram 2500 bolt on train horn, and on-board air system kit.

GoWesty Airhorn Upgrade for the Vanagon

Tired of your wimpy "beep-beep" Beetle-era horn? This kit includes everything necessary to add an auxiliary air horn to the stock Vanagon horn system. This ho

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday. FREE Audio Book- A review of all the books I've

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Watch this video to learn how to install your Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn on your motorcycle. Help stop an accident before it happens with a horn that people can hea

Ship Horn Truck at TCSP.m4v

We met this man while camping at Traverse City state Park. He had rigged his flat bed pick up truck with all kinds of ship and train horns, all hooked up to a

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How to install the Stebel Flosser Nautilus Air Horn on a Vespa GTS. PART# HORN-STEBELNAUT VESPA MOTORSPORT 3955 Pacific Hwy. San Diego, CA 92110 For the large

GAMPRO 12V 150db Chrome Zinc Dual Trumpet Air Horn Sound Sample

Amazon link:

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How To Wire A Relay ....Tutorial ....How To Wire Fog Lamp Relay How To Wire A Fuel Pump Relay .. how A Car Relay Works....Step by Step Electrical Relay Diagno

Onboard Air & Train Horn Ford Super Duty F350

Installing a Viair 10007 on-board air compressor and tank with train horn Viair Compressor and Tank kit:

Homemade PVC air ship horn

I just put up another short video of more horn blows; Thanks for all the interest in the horn!

Audew Air Horn Full Install

It cost $26 great product please subscribe! This is the link to buy this: Use this code for a discount code:24ZPQ3OH AUDEW 12V Single T

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Have some new air horns you need to install? My video explains all you need to know about correctly wiring them up so they'll perform amazingly well for the lon

Locomotive horn collector air system NOT for pranks or scaring (Big air for a big horn)

[CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON] Showing off my 32 gallon train horn air set up, and explaining how everything works. Brought out my S5T, which I turned into an R

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In this video, the little broski and I install some new horns on the Golf. The stock horns on the car worked, however they weren’t loud enough for our liking,

Installing the Wolo Bad Boy air horn on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Monkeywrenchin' shows the steps involved in replacing the stock Harley-Davidson horn with a Wolo Bad Boy air horn.

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Here's an instructional video on how to install an air horn in any vehicle. An air horn can be installed on any car or truck as an upgrade to your existing hor