Bible Prophecy - Happening Now with Don Stewart (March 2019)

Bible Prophecy - Happening Now with Don Stewart (March 2019)

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Pastor Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart discuss bible prophecy and the latest developments in the Middle East, including Israel, Russia and Iran. They also discuss Artificial Intelligence, Brexit and the EU.   CONNECT WITH PASTOR JACK HIBBS Facebook: Instagram: Website:   ----- SUBSCIBE Be sure to click the bell icon next to the subscribe button to get alerts when a new video is uploaded. -----   GIVE When you donate to the teaching ministry of Pastor Jack Hibbs, you join a team committed to knowing God and making Him known. Your gift using the link below is a fast, secure way to help reach the lost with the gospel. We are grateful for your commitment to God's Word and its teaching through books, CDs, radio, television, and the Internet.   To partner with the ministry, click here:

Bible Prophecy - Happening Now with Jan Markell (January 2019)

Pastor Jack Hibbs, and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries examine God’s prophetic Word concerning Antichrist’s origin, the destruction of Damascus, and Is

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Subscribe: WHO IS THIS MAN? Israel Antichrist None of This Makes Sense.. world news This material is under Creative Commons (CC


Something truly prophetic came together for me when I was pondering two videos I had watched. It was like two major pieces of the end time puzzle came together

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In this message titled, “Go Now” on 1 Peter 1:13, Pastor Jack Hibbs urges believers to guard their mind. Believers are exhorted to gird up their minds and r

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The Old Testament contains a series of ancient end-time prophecies that predict a series of destructive calamities on the enemies of Israel. Iran, Syria, Russia

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✝️✝️The prophetic anointing was present as Pastor Steve Cioccolanti ministered at House of Destiny. Here is his prophetic word before Israel's election

Does America Disappear in the Last Days - Perry Stone

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Hidden in the book of Daniel lie many mysteries, many sealed up but set to unfold in the latter days. One of them, in Daniel 7:7, is triggered by our study of t

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Pastor J.D. proposes a scenario in which the Golan could be the trigger leading to peace and the Third Temple. - Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe

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Don Stewart brought a special prophecy update message to 412 Church. He looked a signs from the current events of the day and connects it to Bible prophecy. Are

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Prayer is our lifeline and connection to God. Christ showed the opposite of prayerlessness in His walk on earth and modelled a prayer-filled life. Pastor Jack d

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