Social Experiment in China -- "I‘m gay, would you hug me" | Rela

Social Experiment in China -- "I‘m gay, would you hug me" | Rela

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Homosexuality is still a sensitive topic in China because of its culture and traditions. Rela did an social experiment on the street in China to see how many people would give a girl who wears a “I’m gay, would you hug me” shirt a gentle hug. We believe all love is equal and every love story is beautiful no matter who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love. -------- Join Rela (热拉) -- the best girl community social app worldwide with over 5 million gal pals for chatting, friends making, live broadcasting (Available for iOS & Android) Download: Follow us on:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Blind Muslim Trust Experiment - New York City

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Un experimento social que me hace poder seguir creyendo en las personas, soy gay, yo confio en ti, tu conifas en mi?, abrazame. Sígueme: Instagram: https://ww

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「熱拉物語」Ep.11 追光 --- 熱拉Rela出品拉拉戀愛短劇系列 | Rela

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[실험카메라] 시각장애인의 에스컬레이터 역주행! 도와주실 건가요? [Social Experiment] Would You Help A Blind Person? (ENG CC)

시각장애인이 에스컬레이터를 역주행한다면 시민들의 반응은? 수상한녀석들의 실험 카메라 [구독] [좋아요] 눌러주세


En esta ocasión pues fui al centro de CDMX y pues le pedi besos a las chicas... y el resultado es bastante interesante. LOS AMO! Gracias por su apoyo siempre

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