Clever and Witty Animals! | Video Digest

Clever and Witty Animals! | Video Digest

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Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations Top Comments: "8:40 Mission Impossible - starring Hamster Cruise" Wolf Moon Video Timeline: 0:00 Cool Intro 0:11 Witty whale in aquarium repeatedly scaring little kids 0:28 Intelligent Bird goes fishing and catches a big fish! 0:59 Smart cat learns what to do to get in the house 1:32 Clever hamster finds his way into the cookie bin 2:02 Smart horse opens gate and gets into the fridge 2:34 Talented bear showing off his skills 3:19 Intelligent monkey gets a drink from a vending machine 4:24 Smart dog knows to wipe its feet before coming into the house 4:38 Talented raccoon shows how he can walk the rope 4:54 So you didn't know dogs could surf? Neither did I 5:06 Parrot finds a way to get his nut 5:28 Cute intelligent dog tries to teach baby how to crawl 5:44 Smart creative bird discovers sledding 6:06 Tiger the horse displays his intelligence 6:25 Clever cat lets the dog out 6:40 Since when can goats open car doors? 6:53 Crafty raccoon steals cat food then runs off on hind legs 7:10 Smart dolphin teases seagull with a fish 7:31 This duck is all of them. Smart, crafty, intelligent, and clever! 7:51 Smart and clever fox displays his awesome hunting skills 8:18 Escape artist hamster 8:45 So.. Dogs can also skateboard! 9:00 Super smart crow is super creative 9:27 Two intelligent bears wave to people driving by #animals #smart animals #clever animals

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