Directing Actors: How To Avoid Overacting

Directing Actors: How To Avoid Overacting

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What is overacting and how do we prevent it? Here are a few tips on how to direct actors and how to prevent overacting and indicating. GEAR USED Canon 60D LENS 10-18MM ULTRAWIDE MICROPHONE TRIPOD - *AMAZON links are affiliate links CONNECT WITH DARIOUS BRITT TWITTER - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM (2nd channel) DARIOUS BRITT

How To Direct Actors: Working With Non Actors

Directing first time actors can present a number of different challenges. Here are a few tips on how to direct first time actors. GEAR USED Canon 60D http://am

What Stops An Actor From Getting Into Character? by Mark W. Travis

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Directing An Unpaid Crew & Are Shorter Films Better?

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Episode 5: Method vs. Meisner

In this teaching, Sanford Meisner's last teaching protege, Jim Jarrett talks about the differences between the Method and The Meisner Technique, as well as the

8 ESSENTIAL skills you need for a Career in filmmaking!

Lets talk how to to be a director or cinematographer? Here are a few skills you'll need for a career in filmmaking? BOOKS MENTIONED Directing actors by Judith

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What NOT To Say To An Actor

Directors, take note! We asked some of our favorite talented friends "What should you never say to an actor?" Not only did they all have amazing stories, but in

How Alfred Hitchcock Blocks A Scene

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Quentin Tarantino on getting the best out of his actors on Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino explains how he gets the best out of the actors he uses. He explains how many modern directors are in a different room to the actors when film

The 180 degree rule and how to APPLY it!

How to shoot a dialogue scene using the 180 rule. Get budget filmmaking gear license music for your films My Favori

Using Powerful Camera Angles and Shots for Filmmaking

This is a tutorial for beginner filmmakers. We cover the most common types of shots and camera angles and how to use them. We cover dolly shots, jibs and camera

Cinematography Tutorial: Dramatic Camera Slider Moves - In this production tutorial we'll share a few must-know tips for creating engaging shots using a slider on your DSLR camera. Intro music

Film4 - Actors on Acting (Advice)

Various famous actors and actresses tell us what inspires and drives them when taking on new roles. Keira Knightley, Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, Ben Stiller, Judi

How To Direct A Movie: Directing And Acting In The Same Film

Acting in a film that you're directing can be tough. Here are tips for filmmakers on how to direct and act in the same film. CONNECT WITH DARIOUS BRITT TWITTE

How To Cry On Cue | How To Be A Good Actor

How To Cry On Cue | How To Be A Good Actor, how To Cry On demand, how To cry on command, how to cry in 10 seconds, how to cry fast, how to cry on the spot, how

How to Shoot a Scene - Blocking Actors

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How to get the FILM look - MASTER CLASS!

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6 Basic Film Directing Tips for Natural Performances

Beginner tips for directing actors and non-actors, narrative or documentary. Basic techniques I use on every shoot to get natural performances. Learn filmmakin

HOW TO ACT 'REALISTICALLY' (1st of 2 videos on this) Acting Coach NYC

Another free lesson from New York acting-coach John Windsor-Cunningham, here explaining how to be a 'realistic' actor, how to avoid 'tricks' which only help an