Macro 5.1- Balance of Payments

Macro 5.1- Balance of Payments

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In this video I explain the Balance of Payments with the current and capital (financial) account. Keep in mind that when a country has a deficit in one account they must have a surplus in the other account. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. To learn about misconceptions about the minimum wage, click here To learn more economics, click here Macroeconomics Videos Microeconomics Videos Check out my Review Apps for Macro and Micro Watch Econmovies Follow me on Twitter

Foreign Exchange (FOREX)- Macro 5.2

Mr. Clifford explains the market for foreign exchange and national currencies. If you want more practice watch this video:

Balance of Payments _ Part3 _ BOT & BOP _ Mauli Gupta

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balance of payments - structure of the current account

a video to explain the structure of the UK balance of payments current account structure with example figures to indicate surplus and deficit

Impossible Trinity

Impossible Trinity [25/26] by openlectures Can you have a fixed exchange rate policy, monetary policy, and free flow of capital at the same time? The impossibl

Balance of payments Class XII Economics by S K Agarwala

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MACROeconomics 15 Minute Review

In this video I explain Macroeconomics in 15 minutes. Click on the box to watch videos covering each concept and graph or click on the playlists below. Make sur

Balance of Payments

Bank Balance Sheets Practice- Macro 4:13

In this video I explain what a bank balance sheet is and help you practice calculating the reserve ratio, the required reserves, the excess reserves, and the to

Balance of Payments Accounts

This Year 2 Macroeconomics topic video looks at the make up of the balance of payments and in particular the difference between the current account and the fina

Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns (Old Version): Econ Concepts in 60 Seconds Microeconomics

Newer video covering this. Here it is- In this video I explain production and the law of diminishing marginal retur

Class 12th Economics :Balance of Payment

A complete description of Balance of Payment - specially for class 12th students Please do like & share and post your reviews :) Follow us on : https://www.

#76, Balance of payment | structure and component (Class 12 macroeconomics)

Class 12 macroeconomics.... Balance of payment..... Structure of balance of payment.... Current account Capital account... Contact for my book 7690041256 Econom

Macro 4.11- Money Multiplier & Reserve Requirement (AP Macro)

Mr. Clifford explains the reserve requirement, the money multiplier, and how money is created.

Balance of Payments (Current Account, Financial Account and Capital Account)

Balance of Payments (Current Account, Financial Account and Capital Account) - A detailed look at the structure of the balance of payments including the current

Balance of payments: Current account | Foreign exchange and trade | Macroeconomics | Khan Academy

Understanding the United States Current Account in 2011 Watch the next lesson:

Macroeconomics- Everything You Need to Know

In this video I quickly cover all the concepts and graph that you will see in an AP macroeconomics or college-level introductory macroeconomics course. Dn't tak

Floating vs. Fixed Exchange Rates- Macroeconomics 5.4

Float it or fix it? Mr. Clifford expalins the difference between floating and fixed exchange rates and how countries peg the value of their currency to another

Balance of Payments - the Financial (Capital) Account

Our lesson on the balance of payments continues by distinguishing between the different components of the financial (capital) account Want to learn more about