Trump v CNN Dragon Ball Z Version

Trump v CNN Dragon Ball Z Version

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This is a meme I made inspired by all the trend for those Donald Trump versus CNN memes, so i hope you enjoy! No hate, is meme, only laugh!

"Dragon Ball Z" References in Film and Television

The "easter egg" type of references (toys, posters in background, etc.) were not used in this video. Film/TV List (IMDb): Clip Source (I

Trump vs Clinton. Election of a Lifetime.

This is the battle for the ages. Trump vs Clinton. Who will be victorious?

Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Characters

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Characters Subscribe: With flying fists and high power levels, Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha’d its way to being one of t

Alex Jones in DragonBall Z

Support "Alex Jones in DBZ" for free! Just click the link below and check out this DBZ merchandise; it helps us a lot. For Canadians: h

The Lord of the Memes Part I: Donald Trump Makes Middle Earth Great Again

Donald Trump ventures through Middle Earth as Trumpen Oakenshield and Trumpdalf the White to Make Middle Earth Great Again. Trump announces Presidential candid

Piccolo takes supplements from the INFOWARS Store

Piccolo's been getting some great results from his colloidal silver colonics.

#CNNBlackMail - Meme War Compilation pt 1

#CNNBlackMail CNN cries about Trump tweeting a meme - threatens a meme creator - then gets destroyed by the internet. #Justice #fakenews CREDIT GOES TO THOSE


the alex jones anime

Hank Hill Goes Super Saiyan 3

The following is a parody. King of the Hill, King of the Hill Z, and King of the Hill GT are all owned by Mike Judge. Please support the official release n shit

[YTP] Welcome to Alex Jonestown

Music: "Y.M.C.A." by The Village People "Il trovatore" (anvil chorus) by Giuseppe Verdi "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees

Trump and Bernie Lightsaber Duel

Top Anime Fight of 2016

Once more, but with mild effort. From Boku no Hero Academia.

Goku vs Frieza Presidential Election

TFS/Geekdom Collabo! Goku vs. Frieza have battled on Namek and Earth and even in Hell but here they battle in the political arena. Election 2016: Goku and Freez


Make great deals! And subscribe for more remixes! Video editing and music by me (placeboing), using Ableton Live and Vegas. Thank you to Right Side for the sour

Pentagon: China 'likely' training pilots to target US

China is actively developing its fleet of long-range bombers and "likely" training its pilots for missions targeting the US, according to a new Pentagon report.

Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton Get Famous Football Moments

There’s nothing like football memes for capturing crucially important and world-affecting shifts in the political landscape

2020 Election Night | Kanye West vs Donald Trump

Could Kanye West overcome Donald Trump come the 2020 Presidential Election? No. Thank you for watching, and please consider making a contribution to my channe

Trump says "China" 1.35 billion times. Which is the actual population of China.

Which causes a rupture in space/time and the rich asshole to be sucked into a black hole. All in 2 minutes. (watch in the HD setting, or any higher resolution.)