An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version

An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version

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hello okay so this went up for like less than a minute before getting copy righted and blocked in some places so i deleted it and edited out that part so now hopefully it stays up and everyone can watch it!!! alright now this series is over and ill be moving onto the next! stay tuned for next weeks video :)) oh my gosh it's finally here and tbh im really proud w how this one turned out, cause i worked all weekend on it, and it turned out how i wanted it so yay :) I said it towards the end but ill just explain it more here, thank you guys so much for all the love i received while these vides were being made, they really motivate me to keep making videos, so seriously, thank you so much :))) also, love thIS MANNN. seriously he's one of the most over looked members and just ugH i love him sm he's such a little cutie who likes attention, so plz give it to him ;) ~links: ((lmao who knows anymore))

An Introduction to BTS: Jimin Version

Here's Jimin's version! Once again, these videos are kind of jokes?? But also meant to be kind of informative, so sorry if i missed anything. Also sorry if this

The Many Talents of Jin (Kim Seokjin Appreciation) #HappyJinDay

Today is our worldwide handsome's special day! I know I've been inactive for a bit but I wanted to make this video to convey my love and appreciation towards hi

My Favourite Jin Moments

Jinnie, I can't believe our oldest is again getting older! Don't worry we love you just as much, you don't seem as old as you are anyway ;) I do not own any of

Reasons to Love BTS: Jungkook Version

hello yes, here is kookie's version of reasons why you should love him lmao. i just got home from school and am ready to take a phat nap so i'm kinda just typin

BTS are drunku πŸ˜†

Hey! Watch this video to see BTS having a good time xD, BTS being real drunkeu and fake drunkeu, squishy fighting, Hobi being overly proud of his meal, BTS bein

questionable things madnae Jin does #WorldwideHandsomeDay

happy birthday to our worldwide handsome guy Kim SeokJin 김석진 ❀ an amazingly talented human being and our precious madnae. i wishing you lots of love an

A Guide To BTS: No More Dream Era

I just started making this video yesterday night and jusT finished it a few minutes ago, and i'm hoping it'll go up w no trouble. lmao i still have to do my civ

Don't fall in love with JIN (김석진 BTS) Challenge!

Don't fall in love with JIN (김석진 BTS) Challenge! Please subscribe my channel!!! *I do not own any of these clips and any of these songs excepted the edit

a video to remind u of how goofy yoongi really is

by the time this is uploaded i'll be in france wow! Yeah, okay so i'm in france until the 29th, but ((hopefully)) i'll have another video made so that i'm still

JIN (진 BTS) is still a baby

JIN (진 BTS) is still a baby Subscribe Free: Twitter: My backup channel:

bts being the funniest boyband in the world for 10 minutes straight

hey guys oml sorry for uploading so much later than i normally do, i procrastinated a lot this week and had to finish up making this video in art class lmao, oh

why I love Kim Seokjin (BTS/JIN)

some of the reasons i love the worldwide cute guy jin twitter @babieseokjinnie

When Jin Is So Done With BTS Kpop [VGK]

Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. This video was made only fo

Yoongi's Level of Unbothered

Hi Army, First of all A huge thank you for my Taekook vs Taegi reaching 1k views. I can't believe that many people watch my mediocure editing skills. But the


OPEN ME~ Τ…(β‰–β€Ώβ‰– ;Τ…) OHi there Cutiepies! !! My back-up channel !! β–”β–”β–”β–”β–”β–”β–”β–”β–” subscribe❣

jin being goofy

alright wow okay i was so busy this week with my pals and so i was really scrambling for time and i literally just finished making this video and am uploading i

a video to make you fall in love with Kim Seokjin

((this was re-uploaded because it was taken down by Naver, so i went back and took out all the clips from V live and now im reuploading it cause i dont want thi

How Jin raised Jungkook (Jinkook / Kookjin moments) [Eng Sub]

In this video you can appreciate jinkook more and how they really love to tease each other 🀣 Memes pictures in between videos are not mine. Credit to all ow

An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version | He Can't Dance?! | REACTION!!!

Check out my reaction to An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version | He Can't Dance?! | REACTION!!! Original Video: