How to Develop Blindfold Chess Skill

How to Develop Blindfold Chess Skill


Elliott Neff shows you how to develop a skill of playing "blindfold chess". First he demonstrates the fundamentals and then gives you the steps to forming the mental capability of visualization. Elliott has played 12 games simultaneously, blindfold - not losing a single game!

Pragg's magical blindfold calculations and Ramesh's lecture on studies

Many times people ask us if solving chess studies is important. In this lecture GM Ramesh RB tells you the reason why you must solve at least one study every da

How to Calculate Variations | Chess Middlegames

Calculation is one of the most important traits of a successful chess player. Most of the time, if you calculate deeper than your opponent, you will win! I hav

[FULL VERSION] Magnus Carlsen Blind & Timed Chess Simul at the Sohn Conference in NYC

While in NYC for the Play Live Challenge & Chess Works, Magnus did a timed, blind simul in front of thousands of people. There was no order, and Magnus had 1/3

Unboxing DGT CENTAUR Chess Computer and How it Works

I unbox the DGT Centaur and demo all the key features. I also give my thoughts on who will enjoy this machine - and who might not. The DGT Centaur is unique in

13 - Top 12 Chess Principles | Chess

1:29 | 01: Move With Purpose 2:30 | 02: Play for the Center 3:50 | 03: Advance Both Center Pawns 4:45 | 04: Develop All the Pieces 5:30 | 05: Castle Early 6:18

VISUALWIZE | Train your brain to see 8 moves ahead so you can wipe the board with your competition! Improve your chess visualization skill with these unique training exercises from Visualwize. Does this ever happen t

Grandmaster Trash Talker The Great Carlini vs. USCF Life Senior Master Mick Bighamian

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Carlsen-Morozevich, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 19th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Garry Kasparov Answers Chess Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about the game of chess. Why do chess players point at pieces with th

Magnus Carlsen's Improved Bong Cloud

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The Oldest Chess Game Ever Recorded (1475)

#agadmator Check out the poem Francesco di Castellvi vs Narciso Vinyoles "Old in Chess" (game of the day Nov-13-2012) Valencia (Spa

Unboxing SquareOff's self-moving chess computer

Paul and Raphael unbox the new SquareOff and explore some features! More here

Timur Gareyev playing blindfold in Amazing People 2017 Russian TV show

Timur Gareyev performing in a blindfold game at 3 of 48 random boards, in the Russain TV show "Amazing People" With English subtitles

The Stack Chess Board: Tips and Care

Here are some tips from Raphael on how to use the Stack hardwood chessboard and keep it in optimal condition. One important thing not mentioned in the video is

$4 Game against Chess Hustler - Washington Square Park NYC Chess Hustling

Watch a chess expert play out a 76-move long game with money on the line! A time scramble at the end makes the game extremely close! Just a side note: I don't k

Rematch: Vishy Anand vs Praggnanandhaa | Tata Steel Chess India 2018

The Tata Steel Chess India Blitz was a double round robin event. Yesterday we published the video of round 6 where Praggnanandhaa with the white pieces heavily

Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings

Everyone loves an aggressive chess opening so I thought I would create a list of my top 7 aggressive openings. Enjoy. #7 Danish Gambit #6 Cochrane Gambit #5

JLP Folding Walnut and Maple Chessboard with nearly invisible fold

The seam blends right in with this amazing chessboard that's precision made in walnut and maple. Not massed produced, this perfectly finished chessboard hides t

Chess with Ben Finegold Volume 2 (Blind Simul)

CHESS with Ben Finegold CHESS TACTICS FOR SCHOLASTIC PLAYERS - Vol. 2 (Blind Simul) Video footage of a younger Ben Finegold. His familiar sense of humor is

How to Improve Visualization | Chess Meditations

Playing blindfolded chess is one of the skills I admire the most. Grandmasters weren’t born knowing how to do that. It takes loads of patience, practice, and