Candid Camera Classic: Cleaned Out!

Candid Camera Classic: Cleaned Out!

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What if a cleaner left town and took all the clothes with him? Peter plays the new owner.

Candid Camera Classic: Rival Tow Trucks!

Women asked to watch a car and wait for a tow, find that rivals show up.

Candid Camera Classic: Game Show Spoof!

Back at the height of the prime-time game show craze, Peter and his brother Bill Funt created a fake show called "The Billion Dollar Answer." Watch the fun!

Candid Camera Classic: Nothing But Duck

Patrons at a popular restaurant discover that there's only one thing on the menu! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Facebook: https://

Candid Camera - Scherzi bastardi per strada: Alla fermata dell' Autobus

Lo scherzo bastardo fatto alla fermata dell'autobus. Come reagireste se mentre aspettate l'autobus le persone di fianco a voi impazzissero improvvisamente? Gu

Candid Camera Classic: Counterfeit Sale!

Peter plays a bank teller with a great offer: Counterfeit money!

Candid Camera Classic: Sorry I Hit Your Car

The note says "sorry"...but for what? Watch how men and women react differently to this car trouble. (Subscribe to our channel after the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Hydrant on Your Lawn

When you least expect it, the city tries to put a hydrant on your lawn! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Facebook: https://www.faceboo

P & B on Candid Camera

Pav & Broome on Candid Camera with Suzanne Somers

Candid Camera Classic: Sideways Car!

A tow truck driver gets all turned around in this Classic from the early 1960s.

Candid Camera Classic: Lousy Plates!

At a DMV office in California, motorists get a shock, as Peter Funt hands out the worst possible plates. (After the video, please subscribe.)

Candid Camera Classic: No Snacks!

At a local movie theater, we posted a sign that said no food is allowed inside.

Candid Camera Classic: In-Room Slots!

At a hotel in Nevada, Peter and the crew gave guests a real surprise when they checked in.

Candid Camera Classic: Sitting Too Close!

Tables in this restaurant are too darn close together! (Please subscribe at the end of the video.)

Candid Camera Classic: Pennies for Change!

Put in a dollar and get...a headache!

Candid Camera Classic: Disappearing Building

A super classic in which messengers pick-up at a building, but when they return it's a vacant lot! Peter Funt shares their predicament. Subscribe to our YouTu

UK Candid Camera Classics - Threatening Letter

The Candid Camera crew hire a short hand typist who soon realises that the letter being dictated to her is impossible to write down...

Candid Camera Classic: Shredding Money!

Peter Funt plays a clerk who is over-eager in looking for counterfeit bills.

Candid Camera Classic: 100% Unhealthy!

Linda asks shoppers to sample a snack that's 100% pure cholesterol. (Actually, it's baked tofu.)

Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch

Customers at a photo studio discover that strangers have been added to their family portraits.