Pretend Play Fishing & Camping Toys with Wendy! Family Fun Activities

Pretend Play Fishing & Camping Toys with Wendy! Family Fun Activities

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Wendy goes fishing with fishing toys and camping! Uncle and Wendy go fishing at the pond and catch a lot of toy fishes. They take the wagon to go camping with Auntie. They play with camping toys such as pretend wood and fire. They all have a fun time play with the camping toys and tent.

Jannie & Emma Pretend Play w/ Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Kids Toys

Jannie and Emma pretend play with their kitchen restaurant cooking toys for kids. Jannie makes some pretend food for Emma, but Jannie needs help. Emma helps her

Emma Pretend Play with GIANT Swimming Pool Water Slide & Ice Cream Toys Pool Party

Emma pretend play with her giant swimming pool water slide, ice cream toys, and giant floaties at their pool party! Emma is playing with Auntie and they want to

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Wendy Pretend Play w/ Indoor Playground & Sings Peekaboo Song for Kids

Wendy and Auntie Joyce goes to an indoor playground and plays hide and seek with the peekaboo song! The indoor playground has all kinds of fun activities such a

Emma & Jannie Pretend Play Making Satisfying Colorful Glitter Glue Slime

Emma and Jannie are pretend playing making a bunch of different colorful glitter slime out of glue! Do you know how to make slime? The girls will show you how t

Vlad and Nikita play a restaurant and delivering toy dishes

Vlad and Nikita have a toy cafe or restaurant. Children pretend to play in a cafe and deliver toy dishes to their friends. Please Subscribe! VLAD Instagram -

Wendy & Emma Pretend Play w/ Music Toys for Kids & Sing Nursery Rhyme Songs Compilation

A new compilation video that has all of the kids singing and dancing to cute nursery rhymes with their musical instrument toys. Wendy and Emma pretend play with

Emma Jannie & Wendy Pretend Play Halloween Trick Or Treat Costume Dress Up for Candy Haul

Emma, Jannie, Wendy, and Lyndon pretend play Halloween trick or treating for huge candy haul! Emma wakes up everybody to get costumes to go trick or treating. T

Emma Learns Alphabet with Spin Wheel Game

Emma goes to school and learns the alphabet with a fun spin wheel game. Emma has to come up with words that start with the letter that the wheel lands on. Next,

Emma Play with Disney Princess Belle Musical Tea Party Cart

Emma helps her Uncle clean up the backyard and her Uncle gives her a surprise gift. It’s a Disney princess Belle musical tea party cart. Emma changes into Bel

Jannie Pretend Play w/ Giant Inflatable Princess Castle Toy for Kids

Jannie pretend play with a giant inflatable princess castle made for kids! Uncle Tim gives Jannie the princess castle to take home and play with. They all go ho

Jannie Pretend Play with Wooden Castle Playset

Jannie pretend playing and building wooden castle toy playset. Jannie helps Auntie clean up the messy backyard and they go inside to play with a castle playset.

Emma & Jannie Pretend Play w/ Pink Vending Machine Soda Kids Toys

Emma and Jannie pretend play with a pink soda vending machine toy for kids. The vending machine dispenses toy drinks. Emma and Jannie learn about coins and play

Stacy pretend play with magical toy food

Stacy wants to eat unhealthy food. But her toys will teach that you need to eat healthy food.

Ice Cream Song | + More Nursery Rhymes Kid Sing A Long Songs w/ Emma Jannie & Wendy

Emma and Jannie sing the ice cream song and have a fun pretend play story to go along with it. The song has a bunch of different flavors of ice cream and kids c

Jannie Pretend Play with Barbie Toy Plane

Jannie pretend playing with a giant pink Barbie toy plane. The toy airplane broke, so Jannie and her Auntie brought it to Uncle’s shop to fix it. Jannie helps

Jannie & Emma Pretend Play Making Satisfying Slime w/ Funny Colored Surprise Balloons

Jannie and Emma pretend play making slime with funny colored balloons with surprise ingredients inside! Uncle John reminds them to finish their homework and cho

Wendy Pretend Play Baby Bedtime w/ Cute Girl Baby Dolls Toys

Wendy pretend plays babysitting cute girl baby dolls and tries to put them to bed. Wendy has to go to school and ask Uncle K to watch her baby dolls for her. Un

Wendy Pretend Play w/ Popsicle Ice Cream Truck Kids Toys

Wendy pretend play selling popsicles with her ice cream truck toy for kids! Uncle John is sad and doesn’t want to buy Wendy’s popsicles because he doesn’t

Emma Apples vs Oranges Pretend Play

Emma is hanging out with her Uncle and they pretend play with apples and oranges. Uncle prefers oranges whereas Emma prefers apples. They go to the market and b