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HEY GUYS TODAY WE ARE GOING TO CONTINUE OUR MOVIES OF SUMMER SERIES WITH DESCENDANTS 2 CUPCAKES HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM XOXO KARLA LET’S BE FRIENDS @cakebashstudio facebook,instagram,snapchat,twitter IF YOU READ THIS COMMENT#MOVIESOFSUMMERDESCENDANTS2 VANILLA WHITE CAKE RECIPE DRY INGREDIENTS 2 1/2 CUPS flour 2 cups sugar 1 tsp salt 2 tsp baking powder liquids 3/4 cup vegetable oil 2 egg whites 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 cup whole milk MATERIALS vanilla white cake metallic cupcake liners gel colors ,blue,black,yellow,green y red 1.5 oz ice cream scoop fondant colors: red, white , green, black, yellow and pink heart cookie cutter round cutters gold glitter veg shortening white frosting big star tip brush WHERE CAN I BUY? 1.5 OZ ICE CREAM SCOOP : CUPCAKE LINERS : GOLD EDIBLE GLITTER: SI LEES ESTO COMENTA #PELICULASDEVERANOLOSDESENDIENTES2 MUSIC BY NO COPYRIGHT SOUND SONG THE OTHER SIDE

Episode 14: Mad for Tea | Descendants: Wicked World

Despite solving multiple dress fiascos, Mal and Evie’s good intentions backfire when their help further arises suspicion from the AKs. About Descendants: Wic

Episode 11: I'm Your Girl | Descendants: Wicked World

Evie proves to be quite the chemist fashionista when she helps Lonnie glow at her talent show performance. About Descendants: Wicked World: The villain kids’

Episode 2: Mal's Digi-Image Problem | Descendants: Wicked World

Episode 2: Mal's Digi-Image Problem | Descendants: Wicked World Mal gets a bit too carried away while painting a portrait of Audrey and Ben tells her she might

Minnie Mouse Mini Cupcake Maker | DIY Disney Themed Desserts!

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MEGA McDonalds Happy Meal Magic Hamburgers, French Fries & Drink Makers Kids Toys

McDonalds Happy Meal Magic 3 sets in 1. This Happy Meal Snack Maker includes the McDonalds Hamburger maker, French Fry Maker and Drink Fountain Kool-Aid juice m

DESCENDANTS 2 MAL Inspired Gingerbread House Decoration, Holiday DIY

Hello Friends! Learn how to decorate Disney Descendants Mal inspired Gingerbread house for Christmas and Holidays. You will need candies, icing. Follow our @

Episode 9: Good is the New Bad | Descendants: Wicked World

The competition is fierce at Auradon’s annual singing competition. When each team tries to outshine the other, they realize that they harmonize better when th

Blindfolded PIKMI POPS Squeezeball Maker Challenge!!!

Thank you to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video. Today Leah will be pranking Francesca during our Blindfolded Pikmi Pops Squeezeball Maker Challenge. Francesc

SCHOOL IS BORING! - Escape High School in Roblox

Escape High School in Roblox! Sometimes Roblox High School can be boring so we have to escape! Today I'll be showing you how to escape high school! Its not goin

Disney Princess Cupcake Party Game!

Best Disney Princess Video for Kids: Fun Cupcake Party Game! Disney Toy Cupcake Fun! In this Disney Princess video for kids, we've got the Enchanted Cupcake par

Episode 32: United We Stand | Descendants: Wicked World

AK’s to the rescue! Audrey, Lonnie, Ally, Jordan, and Ben join together with Mal and Evie in their battle against Zevon. About Descendants: Wicked World: The

10 Descendants Kids And Their Disney Parents

The parents of all your favorite Descendants characters! Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Doll Bedroom For Disney Descendants Mal & Evie with Dress Up Play in Doll Room!

Doll Bedroom For Disney Descendants Mal & Evie with Dress Up Play in Doll Room! We setup doll bedroom for Descendants Evie and Mal. We all dress up our Evie dol

DIY - How to Make: Made to Move Disney Descendants - Evie - Custom Doll - 4K

by request: Check out this Fabulous Made to Move Disney Descendants Evie! ... Turn your old Dolls into New Dolls with this Fabsome Custom Doll Craft today! Ch

DESCENDANTS 2 Evie and Mal Trapped in a Mine and Saved by the Assistant

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Audrey’s Royal Return 💅🏼 I Short Story I Descendants 3

Look who's back! Audrey's been waiting out all the Auradon drama at her favorite spa, but she's ready to spill the tea on the VKs... Descendants 3 is coming to

DESCENDANTS 2 🍎 Evie & Mal Doll Cakes 💙 Tan Dulce

Descendants 2. Evie and Mal Doll Cakes. In this cakes we recreated their gown from the last scenes of the movie. #descendants #disney #mal #evie Subscribe to

Disney Descendants 2 Mal's Birthday Party With Evie Dress Up Costume Kids Toys

Disney Descendants 2 Mal's birthday party celebration! DisneyCarToys Sandra and Ava make cupcakes for our Disney Descendants 2 dolls Evie and Mal. We decorate a

DIY - How to Make: Doll Room in a Box | Disney Descendants 2 | Evie's 4 Hearts Studio

by request: There is ALWAYS room for more Stores!! We decided to make even more Fabulous Space for our dolls to go Shopping, with Evie's 4 Hearts Studio PLUS t