How To Improve Your Chess Visualization

How To Improve Your Chess Visualization


In this "off brand" version of today's Vision Training video lesson, International Master Danny Rensch provides practical advice, lists some of his favorite drills known to improve your full board awareness and calculation skills, and has some fun showing off his new blindfold bandana! Try the new at and then try for improving your calculation!

Pragg's magical blindfold calculations and Ramesh's lecture on studies

Many times people ask us if solving chess studies is important. In this lecture GM Ramesh RB tells you the reason why you must solve at least one study every da

Climbing the Rating Ladder: 1200-1400

This is a series where I play lower-rated players and comment on optimal chess strategy both broadly and specifically to the rating level in question. Here we r

Timur Gareyev playing blindfold in Amazing People 2017 Russian TV show

Timur Gareyev performing in a blindfold game at 3 of 48 random boards, in the Russain TV show "Amazing People" With English subtitles

Working backward to solve problems - Maurice Ashley

View full lesson: Imagine where you want to be someday. Now, how did you get there?

[FULL VERSION] Magnus Carlsen Blind & Timed Chess Simul at the Sohn Conference in NYC

While in NYC for the Play Live Challenge & Chess Works, Magnus did a timed, blind simul in front of thousands of people. There was no order, and Magnus had 1/3

How To Calculate Tactics Improve your chess with the 10-Day Chess Challenge

Anand spent 1:43 mins on 4th move in world blitz semi-final ?!

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VISUALWIZE | Train your brain to see 8 moves ahead so you can wipe the board with your competition! Improve your chess visualization skill with these unique training exercises from Visualwize. Does this ever happen t

7 Best Chess Opening Traps

♕ Get the complete FREE course "7 Best Chess Opening Traps"; it contains 3 secret opening traps, which are not the same as in the lesson, and 10 of the most s

Computer Chess: How It Thinks!

Mistake at 2:14. It's 10 to the power 26 nanoseconds. Chess requires intelligence and thought process, so how can a computer possibly do it? A computer that i

Garry Kasparov Answers Chess Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about the game of chess. Why do chess players point at pieces with th

Magnus Carlsen's Play Magnus Chess Training - Looking in the Right Place

Today Magnus Carlsen's chess app, Play Magnus - Chess, is releasing new training videos. Check out a sample from one of the 11 new videos now in the app today.

9 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind

How to improve your improve your memory, sharpen your attention and focus, and boost your brain health? These gymnastics for the brain were developed by Yoshiro

Hahaha! Carlsen's Opponent "Decided" To Checkmate Him In 4

In this super blitz game Magnus Carlsen faces Scholar's mate! Of course it would be naive to think that with that move Carlsen's opponent hoped to mate the Worl

Bobby Fischer's 21-move brilliancy

Bobby Fischer creates a chess masterpiece in only 21 moves against Robert Eugene Byrne, an International Master, at the 1963/1964 United States Chess Championsh

How to Develop Blindfold Chess Skill

Elliott Neff shows you how to develop a skill of playing "blindfold chess". First he demonstrates the fundamentals and then gives you the steps to forming the m

How to Calculate Variations | Chess Middlegames

Calculation is one of the most important traits of a successful chess player. Most of the time, if you calculate deeper than your opponent, you will win! I hav

Anand vs Carlsen - 2013 Tal Memorial Blitz Chess

This video shows the match between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen in round 3 of the 2013 Tal Memorial blitz chess tournament. Russia

Top 10 Chess Openings

The most common question I get asked is the top chess openings a player should learn in chess so I thought I'd create a video to answer that question. In semi-

How To Calculate Chess Tactics | 5 Step Thinking Method | Day 1

Improve your chess with the 10-Day Chess Challenge Summary of the 5-step Calculation process: 1.Find opponen