Getting started on the trumpet, everything you need to know in one video!

Getting started on the trumpet, everything you need to know in one video!


Teach yourself to play the trumpet! Quickly and frustration free! Hello Trumpet is fast-paced and will give you the exact practical information you need in the straightforward way you want! Before you know it you'll be playing cool songs on your trumpet using this practical, step by step manual. Without any help from a teacher. How do I use my lips correctly? How do I play all the notes on the Trumpet? How do I learn some cool songs fast and impress my friends? Every question you have about getting started on the Trumpet will be answered. Whether your aim is to: play in a band, sit in at local jam sessions, play for your family and friends or just by yourself at home. Using the Hello Trumpet guide book and it's over 4 hours of easy instruction videos and carefully designed visuals, you'll keep your learning process; fast, fun and frustration free! The way it should be! Open the door to a huge amount of concrete practical trumpet skills! # Get through the basics quickly! # Hello Trumpet is literally years worth of valuable practice materials and exercises. For less than the price of a single lesson with a teacher! # Hello Trumpet will teach you: # How to assemble your trumpet # How to hold and play your trumpet comfortably. # How to cultivate a great personal embouchure. # How to shave a lot of time off your learning curve by getting the right equipment and tools! # How to build a strong breath support fast. (How to gain the needed air power quickly). # How to cultivate and sustain a solid and brilliant sound. # How to finger and play every note on the trumpet. # How to gain finger fluency and speed quickly.. # How to play any melody by ear. # How to play the very high and very low notes and make them sound brilliant. # How to do jazz improvisation. # How to develop a personal sound on the trumpet over time. # You will learn to play famous songs like: Mercy Mercy Mercy, Saint Thomas,The Mo better blues and others. # You will learn the basics of music reading and writing (Everything you need to play in a band). # You will learn the basics of music theory (Everything you need to be able to improvise). # You will avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that can make learning to play the trumpet very time consuming and frustrating. 1: The major practise chart: The correct finger positions for every note on the trumpet in a unique, easy to use visual format. 2: The chromatic scale chart: All the notes on the Trumpet laid out side by side like on a piano. It's the ultimate chart for those who want to understand the trumpet deeply in order to start improvising. 3: Concert to B-Flat (Bb) transposing chart: Translate any piece of music from concert key to the trumpet and vice versa. 4: The chords chart: Once you know the major scales, you can use this handy tool to discover all the arpeggios and chords you need to play jazz! 5: Over 4 hours of video lessons/workshops on the most important topics varying from 15 minutes to over an hour in length. + Our team supports all our students via email. If you have any questions, you can simply email us and you'll usualy get an in-depth answer back within 24 hours! + You'll get access to our monthly "Hello trumpet" newsletter containing interviews with great players from around the world + Free video masterclasses and articles containing the best tips and tricks for playing the trumpet!. + No waiting for the mailman! You can simply download the complete set directly to your computer and start playing right away!

Playing your first note on the trumpet (Embouchure)

Playing your first note on the trumpet (Embouchure)

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