ArtiLink201 Scan Tool - Fixing P1155

ArtiLink201 Scan Tool - Fixing P1155

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In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, Aaron reviews the ArtiLink201 Scan tool and fixes an o2 sensor check engine light!


Foxwell Battery Tester BT705 VS Topdon battery tester AB101 In this video we will compare 2 of the most popular battery testers on the market. The Foxwell is a

DIY Subaru Shortblock Rebuild - EJ25

In this episode, Aaron and Nate rebuild an ej25 subaru engine in the garage! Music cred: Odd Chap - People & Places

How to Check and Replace an Oxygen Sensor (Air Fuel Ratio Sensor)

Oxygen sensors (Air fuel ratio sensors) are a common problem on many vehicles. A P1155 or P1135 code indicates you have a bad sensor. This is common in Toyota a

Fehlerspeicher auslesen mit OBD Diagnosegerät

*Cartrend OBD 2 | Über ein ABONNEMENT würden wir uns sehr freuen! Instagram: Ihr habt e

p1155 Bank 2 Sensor 1 Fix and explanation Toyota Sienna

p1155 code Bank 2 oxygen sensor 1 Fix and explanation Toyota Sienna

Why I sold my Forester

In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, Aaron rambles on for a long time, cleans the forester, fixes the brakes, and then the forester Broke! .. Aaron subsequently

AUTEL AUTOLINK AL319 🚗 OBD II & CAN SCAN TOOL 👀Review Car Code Reader 👈

Autel OBD II & CAN Code Reader AutoLink AL319 Auto Diagnostics - Car Codes 🚙 GET IT HERE: 💥OUR STOREFRONT:

How to Reupholster your Headliner

In this episode of dirtcheapdaily, Aaron completely changes the interior looks of his 2004 Subaru Legacy Outback by recovering the headliner in plaid! This meth

Toyota Sienna Code P2197 P0156 P0157 - Toyota B2S1 AF Sensor - Toyota Sienna VSC Light

This video outlines the diagnosis and repair of a Toyota Sienna 3.5L engine with an illuminated check engine light, a VSC light on and stored code P0156 (P0157)

Dirtcheap Diagnostics! - No Start on a 2004 Subaru Legacy | Part 1

Introducing a new series on Dirtcheapdaily! these episodes are less polished and highlight a huge part in cheap-car ownership; fixing it when it breaks! This m

What Powercruise USA is like

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Powercruise this year in the drift wagon, but we still had a blast!

Are cheap ODBII readers worth the Money? Topdon TD-309 OBDII Scanner

RSX is going to explode any time and i got a CEL. I had to check it to make sure it wasn't fatal. lol Luckily I got offered a free scanner to try out and since

SUBARU DRIFT BUILD |3| Mounting the Ford 8.8

In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, Aaron welds up the Legacy rear subframe to mount an IRS Ford 8.8 inch differential. This is part of the rear wheel drive conv

Repair P1135 air fuel ratio sensor Toyota Highlander √ Fix it Angel i get a commission on products purchased through links in my video description 2000 2001 20

Good deals on Subarus

January 1, 2019 In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, Aaron picks up a new Subaru Forester for a steal! The add was fishy, so it was worth checking out. ***Discl

TopDon Artilink 201 OBD2 Code Scanner Review and Demo

Welcome Back to the Garage. Please Like and Subscribe! Today I review the Artlink 201 Code Scanner from TopDon. Purchase this Scanner By Clicking On The Link

Toyota Rav 4 2001 P1155 cod

After much search on the net and a lot of pictures, I was so confused that I decided to film it. And lay out what I eventually found out to help you others

Tearing down a Subaru Automatic Transmission | Part 1

In this episode of dirtcheapdaily, Aaron starts taking apart the Outback 4eat he picked up for free! This is just part 1, but Aaron goes over how to convert an

SUBARU DRIFT BUILD |8| Rear Caliper Brackets

In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, Aaron gets the Ford Mustang GT rear calipers mounted on the custom knuckle we built in the last episode. We're getting clos

O2 Sensor Heater Quick-Fix

CATALOG: O2 Sensor Heater Quick-Fix The Oxygen sensor heater maintains a sensor temperature