Is the PRICE of the 2019 BMW M4 it's BIGGEST problem?

Is the PRICE of the 2019 BMW M4 it's BIGGEST problem?

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The 2019 BMW M4 is here and continues with the legacy that was started so many years ago. From it's inline-6 turbocharged engine to it 7-speed automatic gearbox. The M4 is a performer but are it's competitors better options for shoppers at this price point.. Check out all the info on the 2019 BMW m4. **Click the link to support Raiti's Rides!

Dual Clutch vs Manual Transmission (DCT vs MT) BMW M4 & M3

Dual clutch transmissions are taking over the world, they are great but are we missing out on the joy of the manual transmission? Find me on Facebook here htt

Peugeot 508 GT bolji od VW Arteona?🤔 - testirao Juraj Šebalj

Peugeot 508 GT sportska je limuzina visoke klase, koja neke svoje detalje dijeli i sa slavnim automobilima iz prošlosti poput Subaru Impreze i Porsche Carrere.

BMW M4 maxed out on 1,000-mile road trip

Mat Watson takes the new BMW M4 on a 1,000-mile review, taking on the Austrian mountains, an autobahn and even the Nurburgring. Subscribe to our YouTube channe

IT'S HERE! Collecting My BMW M5

The BMW M5 has arrived! It's been a busy week, with a trip to the BMW Welt to collect the M5 as the icing on the cake. The latest Shmeemobile arrives to be the

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If you want your family car to be faster than is strictly sensible, you've got a lot of options. These are two of the latest, and the best. The Mercedes-AMG G

SNEAK PREVIEW the NEW 2019 M Performance Parts | FULL SPEC LIST

This is the new 2019 BMW 3 series, fitted with all the new M Performance parts. Next to the whole list we'll have a quick SNEAK PREVIEW of all the parts. Enjoy!

Is the 2019 Chevy Traverse the BEST 3-Row SUV for the MONEY?

The Chevrolet Traverse just got a make over for 2018 model year and shed that min-van appearance. Back for 2019, the Traverse has a 3.6L V6 engine that is both

BMW M4 2014 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

The 2014 BMW M4 combines the practicality of a four-seater coupé with stunning performance thanks to its twin-turbocharged engine. The result is one of the fin

5 INSANE Features Of The 2018 BMW M760i!


BMW M5 2018 بي ام دبليو ام5

بي ام دبليو ام 5 – BMW M5 الجديدة كلياً نجمة حلقة اليوم من تغطية خاصة برفقة زميلنا صهيب شعشا

Most Customized BMW M4 Wrapped Satin Green

A very special black BMW M4 customised with a unique body kit came in for a wrap. We stripped and wrapped this M4 in Satin Sheer Luck Green, ready for the summe

2015 BMW M4's INVASION in London! REVS, Accelerations & More SOUNDS!

During the summer of 2016, a true INVASION of 2015 BMW M4's was going on in London! We stayed in London for 4 days and spotted over 20 different M4's, not all c

NEW 2019 BMW M4 Coupe Competition Package Interior/Exterior/Sound - M Car Sofia Bulgaria

BMW M4 Coupe walkaround Interior/Exterior/Design Demonstration by Showroom Open Doors Days - M Car Sofia Bulgaria

Does the 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T have BMW M3 performance but LOW price?

The ALL NEW 2019 Genesis G70 is here and ready to blow away your preconceptions. Under the hood of this G70 is the twin-turbo 3.3L V6 mated to an 8-speed automa


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BMW M4 CS! Is the best M4 worth the Premium?! |- Full Review

The best M4 ever? This is the new M4 CS, or clubsport. A revival of the the name made famous by the CSL batmobile, the M hierarchy now beings with m lites, M ca

BMW 2016 M4 European Delivery Experience

In which we pick up our new car

The 2018 BMW M5 Is a $120,000 Super Sedan

GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO CREVIER BMW! The 2018 BMW M5 is a $120,000 super sedan. Today I'm revie

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